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America and the Terrifying Expectation of Judgment

The Supreme Court’s decision this summer to redefine marriage; the series of videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s role in the nationwide buying and selling of the organs of aborted infants: all of this is deeply disturbing. The one silver lining is that these events may be the wakeup call America desperately needs.

Who would ever have believed our blessed nation, the United States of America, the nation that threw off the evil of slavery and recognized the freedom and dignity of all humans, could descend into such depths of depravity? A sexual perversity harmful to the bodies and souls of those who participate in it is now being celebrated and officially labeled as ‘marriage.’ There is an open, blatant attack on religious freedom, faith and prayer. And the precious, innocent unborn are being slaughtered and their body parts sold for profit.

Romans 1:18-32 clearly reveals the depravity, unnatural practices and reprobate thinking that result from failing to glorify God as God, changing the truth into a lie, and turning to the worship of the created rather than the Creator. People are given over to desires against nature’s God and nature itself, controlled by out-of-control appetites and practices. Reprobate minds are unable to determine right from wrong, good from evil, dark from light.

What The Stream is sharing every day concerning the lawless atrocities against the unborn committed by Planned Parenthood — an organization supported with our tax dollars against our will —starkly reveals this prevailing decadence: the casual slaughter of innocent life and, with it, the indiscriminate violation of those infants’ right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

It is only the grace and mercy of God that prevents our nation from being destroyed. God is still our shelter, but if as a nation we continue on the present rebellious course, the hedge of protection will come down. We are already seeing it happen.

As my wife Betty and I prayed this week, she said, “If America continues to support the assault on marriage, and we continue to allow the slaughter of the innocent unborn, I do not believe we have a future as a free nation.” I totally agree with her. If we do not see a visible return to God in genuine brokenness, humility and repentance, our nation will witness judgment.

In the next 16 months, if the American people and those who profess to know Christ do not reject the decadent practices in our nation and elect principled leaders who understand freedom’s foundation, if they merely shrug and continue on in darkness year after year, election after election, willfully and knowingly sinning against great grace, then the words written in Hebrews will come to describe the fate of America and American freedom:

If we go on sinning willfully after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, but a terrifying expectation of judgment and the fury of a fire which will consume the adversaries. … It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God. (Hebrews 10:26-27, 31)

Remember, however, in the face of coming judgment and desolation, Jesus wept over Jerusalem and extended the invitation to return to His shelter as chicks rushing to the wings of a hen. There is still time, but time is running out.

Let’s all fervently pray for a spiritual revival in our land, a return to God, and a new awakening to His truth.

Read “Video 5: Planned Parenthood’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin”

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  1. After all that’s happened these past few years -and, especially, these last three months- America can no longer claim to be “that shining city set on a hill”. America is now more like the city of Nineveh in the Book of Jonah. Perhaps America too will repent and avoid God’s righteous judgment…

  2. Thanks for all the great work that you and your wife do for the kindgom James. My concern is that despite the fact that we have multiple churches in every community all across America, and we have major T.V. ministries, like yours, reaching out to America and to the world beyond, and despite these two things, there are still millions of people all across America who have no idea what it means to be born again. I have gone on to a college campus to talk to students, and ask them what it means to be born again, and so many of them don’t even know. The international students don’t know, and our American students don’t know. Many of the students can’t give the answer that being born again means to be morally transformed on the inside of the heart by the power of God’s Holy Spirit. It is time that our church leaders from all across this nation, and the people inside the churches, come to recognize this reality and put a plan together to do something about this. We need to get outside of our churches, and go into the streets, show love to people, and explain to them in love what it means to be born again, tell why it is important, so that the people can see their need for Jesus and come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. There are millions of people to reach in just America alone. We have a lot of work to do!

  3. I know Christians who are going along with the bad things James mentioned, and they are becoming more liberal in their thinking. I believe that is why God is removing his hedge of protection from our country. It’s not because of the evil people. it is because God’s people are not standing for what is right. And I think it is going to take something really horrendous happening to turn their hearts to God’s truth and the bible. Regarding voting and the election, I’m not sure we will even have another election, and if we do, I think it probably has already been decided who the next president will be and he will come out of nowhere like Obama did, and will probably be a homosexual. I’m not so sure our votes even county anymore.

  4. Keep preaching James. We need your voice crying in the wilderness of AMERICA.
    Just as John the Baptist cried out… “REPENT”… we, as a people, need to ask God’s forgiveness for our own sins, and the sins of our country. Then, and only then, will we see Revival in our land.
    It is hard to explain spiritual things to unspiritual people, but the Holy Spirit can do what we can’t. Pray for their eyes to be opened to the Truth. Only God can turn individual hearts toward Him.
    “What is impossible with man… is possible with God”.

  5. How I wish churches will come together as one just as our Lord Jesus cried out 2 God in prayer in john 17. Come 2gether with one voice, only then perversion in this nation will cease. What isaiah 2 says will dominate the world for the earth is of the Lord and the fulness thereof.

  6. Dear James, It is a sad time indeed for America. I agree with all that you and Betty are expressing and continue to pray that the American people will humble themselves and cry out to God. God Bless you both for being such wonderful, lovely examples of humble servitude and devotion to our Lord. I love you.

  7. Sobering article. Over 50 million babies have already been sacrificed to the God of convenience in our beloved country since Roe v. Wade. When I recognize we have already lost that whole generation, I consider the worse fate (where God now says Amen to our choices) is truly terrifying… Revive us Oh God!

  8. I believe that God will have mercy on our nation if we humble ourselves & pray for forgiveness from our greedy, sinful ways. I pray every morning for the eyes of our people be opened to the truth that’s destroying our nation. If two or more come together in Jesus name, He will be there among us & will hear our prayers. We live in the greatest nation on earth, I love it & pray for it everyday. Thank you for all your hard work. God BLess.

  9. Thank you for speaking out with conviction and truth. I am praying and weeping for America and our leaders.

  10. James,
    Thank you for always speaking the truth. May this nation return to Him before it is too late. I have tried to share some of your columns with my dad, and he told me to stop sending those hateful things.
    May his eyes, and the eyes of this nation be opened to see the truth.
    Thank you,
    Brian Ward

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