There is no substitute for the true and living God, both personally and nationally.

Americans Bowing to Pharaoh

America’s Pharaoh is not a person or a political party. It is a power source other than God upon which people erroneously and foolishly depend, even begin to worship. It replaces God, exalting an unprincipled, unbiblical worldview. The advocates and supporters of this system consistently assault absolute principles while rejecting revealed truth. As a result, freedom is redefined as “everyone doing what is right in their own eyes.”

Those who disagree with America’s national leadership and, in particular, the statements, policies, and laws endorsed or enacted by the current administration are demonized in every possible way. Many who question the president’s views are branded a racist. If you don’t cave to their every demand, you are called a hostage-holder. If you insist on any adjustment or change, you may be called an assassin, holding a gun to the heads of Congress. If you support the ideal of marriage, you are chastised as a homophobe who opposes fairness and equality. If you uphold the sanctity of human life, you are characterized as opposing freedom of choice. If you allow your faith in Christ to actually mean something, impacting your words, actions, and beliefs, you are compared to Jihadists and labeled an enemy of America.

Well, I don’t agree with these negative caricatures. I refuse to accept the lame, dishonest labels some media pundits, representatives, and politicians try to put on principled Americans. I will not bow down to any idol that man may choose to laud as the all-provident source upon which people must learn to trust. There is no substitute for the true and living God—the Father and Creator of all life and the only way to freedom, both personally and nationally.

I will stand against the lies promoted and substituted for God’s eternal, unshakable truth and the only foundation upon which we can safely build our lives and futures. We are witnessing firsthand—up-close and personal—the exaltation of an idol that cannot succeed because it never has and never will. This idol is being presented as a substitute for God, who is the only real Provider, true Source, reliable Overseer, and worthy Father—The Way, The Truth, and The Life. Substitutes are not the true Father, not the Source and are certainly not the Way, the Truth, or the Life.

We are witnessing the enemy, the father of lies, attempting to overthrow God and exalt a new pharaoh, false kings, unreliable rulers, a federal monarchy, rotten policies, and terrible laws. We are now told if Congress has passed a law, it’s not to be challenged. That logic means we must bring back slavery and prohibition, which were once the law, and cancel a woman’s right to vote and all civil rights legislation because those changes were made to reject previous, bad laws. If this Senate passes it, we are now told, don’t dare challenge it.

We have awful laws and policies now being thrust—yes, forced—on the American people. They are not only unprincipled; they are unbiblical, ineffective, and unsustainable. If you believe in proven principles and dislike bad practices and proven-to-fail policies, you are now to be perceived as the enemy. Americans who pray and care deeply are not trying to bring the government down—they are trying to bring it under control.

Call me any name you wish. Put any misrepresentation or so-called “politically correct” label on me—but I am declaring America is being encouraged to believe and embrace lies…to support them, to cast aside our founders’ principles—including God’s Word and eternal truths—and submit to the bondage of an out-of-control state. The federal government and deceived representatives are forcing legislation, policies, and practices on American citizens, demanding that our tax dollars—our money, which God has trusted to our watchcare—be used to support worthless, godless, freedom-damaging policies, programs, and laws. This nonsense—this insanity—has to stop…and stop now! Americans must come to their senses and reject this idolatry. We must refuse to bow to any false god or to trust it as our source. Not Pharaoh, not Saul, not Nebuchadnezzar, not Babylon, not Rome, not emperors, not kings, not monarchies, not Washington or Uncle Sam. Only God!

Our federal government must be brought back under control to serve the people—not force us into servitude and submissive bondage. Paul told the New Testament Christians that the damaging results of Israel’s idolatry serves as an example for us and was written for our instruction.[i]  The government must once again be by the people, of the people, and for the people. It must never be presented as the all-provident God. It is not! We must vertically look up to God and horizontally reach out to one another in truth and love. This is the transforming power of the cross. Look up to God the Father in childlike trust, and reach out to our neighbors with compassionate love and meaningful assistance.

Now is the time to stand against the gates and forces of hell as faithful witnesses—ambassadors of truth—exalting God’s Word and life in His kingdom now. Refuse to stay hidden, keeping His truth only in church buildings! Become the blood-bought, born-again body of believers, the church of the living God, a shining city set on a hill that cannot and will not be hidden any longer! Failure to heed God’s invitation to live in His shadow and shelter while following the Shepherd will lead to the loss of freedom we have been blessed to know, and it will vanish from this earth. The Bible says, “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof.”[ii] Believers must stop turning God’s planet over to the deceiver and another pharaoh. Let’s reclaim the land that was established and built on freedom’s promise.

In order to stop the slide and correct our nation’s course, all who have legitimate concerns must learn to work together in supernatural harmony, unity, and commitment. Thomas Paine is still right: “It is not in numbers but in unity that our great strength lies.”

Together, let’s join the apostle Paul, refusing to go down without a fight. Let it be said of each of us: We’ve proclaimed the Word and encouraged the truth. We’ve kept a clear mind, never fearing sacrifice or suffering because we were determined to fight a good fight, finish the course and keep the faith until the righteous one—the Judge—appears to grant His prize to all who eagerly look forward to His appearing.[iii]

I long to see God’s glory on the church so the world will see the real and living Jesus revealed clearly through us before He comes in glory for us!

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  1. To herald the fact that “Righteousness exalts a nation…” is a MUST. It must be preached, and proclaimed from pulpits and street corners! It must be declared by any believer with a voice and a passion for the welfare of our nation!

  2. Thank you for this message. In spite of the godless enemies of Christianity, I still believe in God and have no doubt that. We have the opportunity to make a difference. If someone made a break through in medical history with a cure for cancer of any other terrible disease, don’t you think everyone would be knocking down his door to get their life back? Think about this. There is something much more deadly than any from of illness and there is a cure. The only problem is that Christians are not using our resources. We have access to the greatest power in the universe but we refuse to take the responsibility and be accountable to God.Our greatest weapons are prayer and faith. All true believers, including me, need to place ourselves on active duty in this and stand up for the “courage of of our convictions.”. When a soldier goes AWOL, he gets court marshal. The majority of Christians have gone AWOL from God and failing do take up the cross and follow Jesus. Christian friends we are in training. We have the training manual which is the Bible but refuse to study it and we have the most powerful leader in the universe. If we are not using the resources and spending more time studying and sharing Christ to others, then we are irresponsible. We should not expect to have our prayers answered if we remain in our current state.

  3. Paine is also still right that all this talk about the Biblical god is unadulterated ********.

    If you support the ideal of marriage, you are chastised as a homophobe who opposes fairness and equality.
    That’s because you’re denying equal rights to a group of people that you routinely demonize, all based on your religion. You are, in fact, opposed to fairness and equality. I’m sure it bothers you to hear that, but I don’t really give a ****. It’s true.

    If you uphold the sanctity of human life, you are characterized as opposing freedom of choice.
    Because that’s an accurate characterization.
    If you allow your faith in Christ to actually mean something, impacting your words, actions, and beliefs, you are compared to Jihadists and labeled an enemy of America.
    Really? How many examples would you like of you and your fellow Christian right leaders comparing atheists, liberals and gay people to terrorists? Name a number between 100 and 1 million and it won’t be hard to hit. This is psychological projection that would make Bryan Fischer proud.
    There was more from Ed Brayton who wrote about this, but I don’t want to go over the limit

    • Thomas Paine rejected organized religion, but professed to believe in God. His views on God may be interesting, but they are not pertinent.

      Since the beginning of our nation, those who desire gay intercourse have held the same rights as everyone else. One man could marry one woman, period. Two men couldn’t marry, regardless of sexual preference. Nor two women. Nor multiples of either gender. Same rights for everyone. Mormans were forced to abandon polygamy before Utah would be allowed statehood. Everyone conformed to the norm and everyone was treated the same. Until now.

      When “freedom of choice” means “freedom to take another’s innocent life,” we are indeed living in a wretched state. By what right do you claim to have the authority to kill a baby one day before his or her birthday? If by the law, then you are no better than the slaveholder of old who beat their slaves to death because the law gave them the “right.” If by your own chosen morality, then you are no better than the eugenicists seeking to control the black population. If by your own form of god, then you are no better than the Muslims who behead children because they do not follow your god. There is no legitimate defense for purposely taking the innocent life of a child.

      As for comparing atheists and such to terrorists, I reject that comparison. Perhaps you can list one million names as you claim and we can both reject their comparison together. Their wrong comparison does not justify your wrong comparisons. Your thought process is amiss.

  4. I agree totally, James… How did we get here? We have failed to be salt and light. Christian Comedian Michael Jr recently stood at one of the largest malls in the U. S., asking people basic questions from the Bible. Not one of them had the right answers. I thank God that I go to a church (Gateway) where our pastor still teaches the Word of God, and instills in the congregation a love for the Word. Sadly, many churches aren’t so blessed.

    • ♥ Beaftiuul land and snow and you look great in red! :)I hope you guys have a great Christmas with your snow… The power of prayer is awesome! 🙂

  5. Michael Carrigan

    Our Father warnd us too ……. against putting our trust in “anything” other than Himself …… that, in fact would be the point from which we would be placed in bondage …… and any bondage will be extremely worse than the Heavenly Father whom we swear allegiance too …. Mr. Robinson ….. thank you for your words and for presenting them in context of where we live today …… I encourage you to speak out as the Lord leads ……..

    Father, we need You ….. and Your leadership more than ever. Please forgive us for our stupidity, arrogance and hard hearts to not follow You, trust only in You ……. and to seek above all, “Your” face ……… You are our God, You are our only hope and it is You alone whom we seek …… Praise You Holy Father …….. in Jesus name. Amen.

  6. James,

    You stated that “I could call you any name that I wish”.

    As, always, I am proud to call you ………. MY BROTHER IN CHRIST.

    Thank you again for being always faithful in doing what the LORD has called, and is calling you to do.

    Your Brother Barry

  7. AMEN and AMEN !
    One nation, UNDER GOD. indivisible. We must pray for our spiritual leaders, our political leaders, and our nation as a whole.
    Thank you for your enlightening words. Your book, “Indivisible” is wonderful and also speaks to these very crucial issues.
    God bless!

  8. These words reflect our true American tradition – ideals that immigrants have embraced for centuries, while countless others, who could not emigrate, have longed to be exalted from the rooftops in their own nations. The torch of freedom is still lit but flickering. We can do nothing without God.

  9. Thank you for your laser assessment of this government. You are right and these truths will play out in front of us all in the coming times.
    Thank you and Betty also, your complete staff and all the volunteers, who, through the years have made such an impact in the lives of so many poor people all across the world. Connie and I salute you all.

  10. “Our laws and institutions must necessarily be based upon and embody the teachings of the Redeemer of mankind. It is impossible that it should be otherwise; and in this sense and to the extent our civilization and our institutions are emphatically Christian.” (United States Supreme Court 1892, Church of the Holy Trinity v. United States)
    …. What Happened?

  11. Thank you James for ALWAYS speeking the TRUTH and never compromising. May God continue to Bless you and your ministry. May the leaders of this nation wake up and see that we are going the wrong way, so that we can once again return to the on and only True God.
    Brian Ward

  12. Too bad most pastors, ministers, priests today don’t agree with you and are leading their sheep to the slaughter. We must Pray, Pray, Pray!!

  13. I am a Canadian and believe our country is in the same sad state and needs to wake up. I have seen the evil and corrupt grow in this country and when Jesus is spoken of people get offended but rally together to support “the gay pride parade in Vancouver”.

  14. Virginia Stewart


    I believe it was Glen Beck on t.v. the other evening….he was speaking light and life also.


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