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Evil On The Attack

ISIS is an evil predator. Our Father in Heaven cares deeply for His family and offers security and protection from the deadly assault of enemies. Jesus, the great shepherd, did not rest with ninety-nine sheep in the safety of the fold but diligently sought that one lost, vulnerable sheep. It is the will of Almighty God for every pastor, priest, and church member to diligently protect vulnerable people from the destroyer of life. Call for prayer in behalf of those threatened, and ask God for wisdom to build walls of protection and destroy evil’s deadly intent.

God’s Word is clear in Romans 13. We are to pray for our leaders. They are given authority to punish the wicked while protecting the innocent. The Scriptures reveal that this authority must use “the sword” to stop evil attacks on guiltless people. Force, even if deadly, is justified.

Every American should be deeply concerned when our nation’s leader seems unable to recognize, identify, or call the enemy by its name. How could a medical doctor effectively deal with any destructive disease he cannot or refuses to properly identify? We who love freedom desperately need the immediate intervention and wisdom of Divine Providence. If we do not clearly recognize and effectively deal with this very real enemy, we will soon witness an all-out assault right here in the “land of the free.” We still possess brave men and women who stand ready to fight if they just have a commander-in-chief who could and would effectively lead.

The Stream has been launched to inform you and inspire you to pray for appropriate action in behalf of freedom. Sadly, the prince of the power of the air and, in too many instances, also the power of the air waves, has drowned out wisdom’s voice, ignored it, or misrepresented it. That must change, and it’s up to believers and shepherds who refuse to be hirelings, to proclaim truth, life, and liberty throughout the land!

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  1. Romans 13 says that the role of government is to punish evildoers and reward those who do good. Instead, it is backwards, they reward evil and punish good. Therefore, they are no longer ministers of God, but rather criminals. Obama is one of the biggest criminals there is, he’s much more of a threat to our freedoms than this phony ISIS largely manufactured by the federal government. But the biggest problem of all is these cowardly 501c3 government registered churches who refuse to expose the truth, because they are too worried about losing their tax exempt status and so they don’t want to rock the boat. Now we have a Satanic government and Satanic churches. The real church left this country a long time ago. It no longer exists in America, you have to look to Africa or Asia or the Middle East to find it nowadays. Obama did get one thing right; we are no longer a Christian nation. We are now post-Christian and hedonistic. As in the days of Rome, history repeats itself once again.

  2. Always love your writings. I am sad though that we do not hear this from the pulpit anymore. Our inalienable rights come from God! Why do you think this is not preached from the pulpit anymore pastor?

  3. Bro
    It very well could be that God is allowing this charge upon Us due to our abandonment of God in every way
    and form. The Church just sets by and does not sound her trumpet, now seeming US is abandoning Israel
    which is probably the last straw.
    God does have limits showing mercy to those who abandon Him. I do not need to name our disposition
    as to God’s economy of things. As a people who loves freedom have left freedom for slavery and destruction path.
    We have left God, so why would God will to be where He is not invited? Actually, where is the alarm in Zion?
    Freedom is free within boundaries of Truth wherein Justice can be borne. bro b

  4. I’m not sure how this is going to rodeo but I trust in the Lord. It is a scary enemy but God is greater.

  5. I pray every day for the people of the nation to turn back to God. He is our only hope & salvation. God created this nation for a reason & he will not let it be destroyed. I pray for your ministry & others everyday to keep spreading the gospel & opening the eyes of this nation’s people. Keep up your great work.

    God Bless,

  6. Pastor Robinson, can you explain Romans 12:19 and 20 pertaining to this subject?
    Luke 6:27 Love your enemies?

    Love web site The Stream

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