Free To Be Me

Do you feel insecure, plain or ordinary? Are you afraid to fail? Do you worry about “rocking the boat” in relationships and losing those you love? Has your passion for life dimmed? You’re not alone. For many years Betty Robison was paralyzed by fear and self-doubt, believing nothing she did was enough and that she could never measure up. Free to Be Me is her story – of how a shy girl from Texas moved from insecurity to true freedom when she discovered that God loves us and accepts us just as we are right now.

God longs to show us how to break out of our individual prisons of negative thoughts, past behaviors and destructive patterns. For only then can we be fully free to be the unique people He’s created each of us to be.

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  1. Hi Betty,
    I am a Christian who for years has struggled with deep anxiety and depression for at least 25 years (maybe longer if I reflect upon my childhood difficulties). Over the years I have grown deeper in love for Jesus Christ and surrendered more and more of my burdens – interestingly but to no surprise my love for Him has grown most as I’ve given my more of my fears and sadness to Him. Over the most difficult years I’ve always looked for any Christian programming (television, radio, free Bible lesson tracts, etc.), watching a lot of Christian pastors – liking some and feeling turned off by some personalities. I won’t mention names because it is my sincere prayer that God may rescue even the “phony” Christians into the real loving relationship He desires to have with all of us – that, and now I recall seeing myself as being one of those “phonies” at times over the years. Anyway, I recall many times watching you and your husband on tv over the years and noticing that you both were “lit up” with kindness, warmth, and caring that shows through in your expressions and personality. I’m not saying you’re the only Christians that show these Christlike qualities on tv but that there aren’t enough to go around. I found it interesting that you say you were plagued with fear and insecurities for years. It sounds as if much of that is behind you as I see you seem to exude a quiet confidence (built upon faith in God). I have greatly enjoyed the warmth, love, and fire for God that jumps right through the tv from both you and your husband over the years and pray that you are blessed with many more healthy years.
    I find great comfort in knowing that you too had insecurities and fears too but found a way past them with God’s guidance. Thank you for sharing your story!
    Yours in Christ,
    Sean Dougherty
    Newton, NH

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