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As we begin the New Year, I quickly recognize that the enemy of truth and God’s Word is still seeking to silence believers with some of the same tactics I witnessed in the late 1970’s. I am grateful Phil Robertson with “Duck Dynasty” has now been put back on A&E. I was kicked off television for preaching God’s Word because of an awful law called “The Fairness Doctrine” which was indescribably unfair, especially to those who stood for biblical truth and principles. I refused to step back, stand down, and remain silent while the freedom of speech and the right to preach was being blatantly attacked. We organized what was called the Freedom Rally and it was attended by over 11,000 believers overflowing the Dallas Convention Center. Many major Christian leaders from all denominations joined together on the platform. It was the first time in many years Christians and church leaders came together in supernatural unity standing together in defense of freedom and biblical truth. I was 35 years old when I delivered the following message in defense of freedom and the proclamation of God’s Word.

Freedom To Preach (part 1)

bumper sticker
As we begin the New Year, I quickly recognize that the enemy of truth and God’s Word is still seeking to silence believers with some of the same tactics I witnessed in the late 1970’s. I am grateful Phil Robertson with “Duck Dynasty” has now been put back on A&E. I was kicked off television for preaching God’s Word because of an awful law called “The Fairness Doctrine” which was indescribably unfair, especially to those who stood for biblical truth and principles. I refused to step back, stand down, and remain silent while the freedom of speech and the right to preach was being blatantly attacked. We organized what was called the Freedom Rally and it was attended by over 11,000 believers overflowing the Dallas Convention Center. Many major Christian leaders from all denominations joined together on the platform. It was the first time in many years Christians and church leaders came together in supernatural unity standing together in defense of freedom and biblical truth. I was 35 years old when I delivered the following message in defense of freedom and the proclamation of God’s Word.

James Robison
We are here in honor of Almighty God, His Word, and our Constitution. I am not flattered, but yet I am deeply grateful to God for such support evidenced here not only by the number, but by the spirit. My dear friends, the spirit that prevails in this assembly is the only hope the world and this nation have for survival. It is an answer to my prayer to see the different denominations here – those who believe the Bible. If you do not believe the Bible, we have no basis for fellowship. When I say “believe the Bible,” I mean it is the inerrant, infallible, inspired Word of the living, eternal God. It is God-breathed, and it must be proclaimed without apology in the power of the Holy Spirit. To see you come together, to love the Lord, His Word and one another is a deep inspiration to me. I want to thank God and you for the privilege of seeing such a sight.

It is my prayer WFAA will rescind their horrendous, tragic decision and put us back on the air. I ask you to pray we might have in this community someone humble and honest enough to admit they made a mistake and reverse it. Just say, “We made a mistake and want to correct it in the name of freedom, liberty and justice, and we don’t care who doesn’t like it.” That is my prayer.

Someone asked me if I still believe homosexuality is a sin. My dear friends, homosexuality, sodomy, sexual impurity was a sin when God Almighty rained fire on Sodom and Gomorrah. It was a sin when Paul wrote his letters to the Romans and Corinthians. It was a sin on February 5, 1979 when I preached it is a sin on WFAA, channel 8 in Dallas, and it is still a sin on June 5, 1979 in Dallas. It will be a sin until Jesus comes again.

It is against God and His Word. It is against society; and it is against nature. It is almost too repulsive to imagine and to attempt to describe the horrors of it. God have mercy on us all. The Bible is not against homosexuals, but it speaks specifically against the sin of homosexuality. It also speaks against the sin of complacency. God deliver us as Christians from apathy, indifference and complacency or we’re all dead. God help us.

I have no problem understanding homosexuality as a sin. I was preaching from Romans 1 when I lost access to the airwaves. I wonder who under heaven, or out of hell, may now come and try to stop an assembly such as this as I again shall speak from Romans 1:18-32.

I want to give you the progression of the rapid descent to depraved thinking and destruction. I want to tell you how to lose freedom. I’m going to tell you what freedom really is. “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” Freedom is truth. Truth is the Word of God. Truth is the Bible. Truth is Jesus Christ. Apart from God’s truth, God’s Word, there is no freedom. A departure from God and His Word is the first catastrophic step to destruction. To reject God as God is to descend to the very depths of hell while existing in this present lifetime. It is to invite hellish appetites, hellish enslavement into a very sensual, physical being. “When they knew God, they glorified him not as God.”


The first step to destruction is the rejection of God as God. It matters not how often you say, “I believe in God.” It matters what you say daily with your life. For your life is a letter, written on the fleshly tablets of men’s hearts. For your life must say with every vibrant act, “I adore Him. I worship Him. I love Him. I believe in Him. I honor Him, and I glorify Him, for He is my God.” Even while Jesus Christ died on the cross forsaken by God, forsaken by His Father, He said, “My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken me? Even if You forsake me, You are still my Father, and my God.” That must be the testimony of God’s divine creation. He is God. When we do not glorify Him as God, “We become vain in our imagination, professing ourselves to be wise, we become fools.” How on earth can some denominations be so foolhardy as to convene in conventions and vote whether or not homosexuality is a sin – when God settled it long ago. How do you vote on that matter? It is already settled.

I do not care if they drag all Ten Commandments of Almighty God into the political arena. I will still preach, “Thus saith the Lord God.” If the Supreme Court convenes and decides hell is cruel and unusual punishment, I will still stand up and preach what the Bible says about hell. There is a hell. The Bible is the measure by which all societies and all men will be judged. Truth is determined truth by the measure of truth. That which is not truth is determined untruth by the measure of truth, and the measure of truth is Jesus and God’s Word. You don’t follow preachers, you follow truth. If they don’t preach the truth, follow the truth then get away from them. They’re dangerous. Those who refuse to preach the truth without apology will lead you to destruction. We must have heralds of the truth, for the Bible is the truth.

If you read the Old Testament, you will find the prophets were considered troublemakers. Most of them were never invited back for their second meeting. Most of them were never invited for the first. They just come with a message. They were not popular. Prophets never have been popular. The Bible never has been popular. They stoned the Old Testament prophets. They killed the apostles. They beheaded John the Baptist. Legend said they beheaded the apostle Paul. Jesus Christ, the greatest prophet of all time was crucified. Brother, if the Bible you preach is popular, it isn’t the Bible God gave you. It will never be popular, but it is effective.


Recently I was told I couldn’t put our television program on channel 8 to refute Hugh Hefner’s Playboy special which he didn’t even have to pay for. The network gave him time to put his garbage on television. I asked if I could have equal time to give the Christian perspective and they replied, “In no way did Mr. Hefner, or Hollywood’s portrayal of life invoke the Fairness Doctrine because entertainment reveals life as it is.” Brother, I’m tired of seeing life as it is. The Bible reveals life as it should be. That’s what we need.

You may say, “James Robison, you’re a troublemaker.” Well, you’re right. I’m worse than a troublemaker; I’m a reactionary. I respond. I react with action. I react to the burning of the American flag. I react to the assassination attempt on the Constitution of the United States. I react to the violations of the rights of the American people; to the invasion of my privacy and the privacy of any other American. I react to wars supported for financial gain; to irresponsible voting in Congress; to the blatant compromise with communism (today – secular progressive socialism); to prayer removed from schools. I react to murder in the name of abortion; to abortion in the name of women’s rights – I react! I care!

I react when homosexuality is labeled a normal lifestyle. I react to sex out of wedlock. I react to the abuses of children; to magnifying crime and violence on television; to the new morality which is immorality. I react to welfare over work; to preachers who won’t preach; to churches who have no mission; to pornography in the name of art; to the excessive and unnecessary taxation of the American people. I react to pot parties over birthday parties; I react to worthless politicians over statesmanship. I react to the loss of the freedom granted us by the Constitution. Brother, I‘m ready to do something about it…Standing up for truth and freedom!

It was a dark day in November when an assassin’s bullet shattered the silence and pierced the head of the President of the United States, near where we are meeting. The populace, the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, neither contributed to nor consented to, the death of the President. But my dear friend, a darker day dawns on the horizon of this age and this year. For the blackest day in human history may soon dawn in Dallas. A President died without our consent, but freedom of religion and freedom of speech will only die with the silent consent of indifferent Christians and Americans. If we lose here, we lose all over America. We must not let it happen.


You can read part two and the conclusion of this message in next week’s commentary.


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  1. Thank you James , for I was in the service that weekend with my daughter who desperately wants out of this lifestyle, but the stronghold of other acquaintances are fighting her and it is so sad what she is going through right now. Our family is suffering with her and need so much prayer. Thankful for gateway church and amazing lifegroup of believers helping us stand. Thanl you , thank you for your boldness and speaking the truth. If people could see the destruction and loneliness I have seen on her living this lifestyle, churches everywhere would start standing up and helping others not fall in that pit, because watching them try to get out is heartbreaking . God may have used you to save somebodys life through that message. I am sure of it…….

  2. Thanks for preaching God’s Word. Definitely homosexuality is a sin, why it is? Not only because God’s Word says it is, but because I was delivered from it through accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of my life. I know I have been forgiven and now I am set free, because I know he loves me. You are right James he loves the person, but he hates the sin or behaviour associated with it.

    L.Agius (Sydney, Australia)

  3. Thank you James for writing the truth. I always see that the homosexual community wants to argue and justify sin away from the truth. I do not hate any of them .but love them and hope they come to the light of God’s truth given to us in his written word. God makes the rules for our lives out of his love as what he wants best for us. We all know we sin and fall short of his Glory. But through the holy spirit and his word he gives us understanding. Amen

  4. I must say I am so very Impressed with the Timeliness of God’s Holy Word to our day and Time.
    Thank You James.

    I am so very Impressed with how God’s Holy Word was just as Timely in 1979 as it is now and must have been in the First Century when the Apostle Paul addressed it to the Romans and the culture of the First Century Church.

    I am also moved to speak to those who are expressing a compassion for souls who have chosen to follow homosexual behavior. I can see how our Modern Science has identified predispositions in an individual’s DNA which indicates some folks are made to be homosexual. There is no denying that fact…and that fact has already been Revealed and Addressed in God’s Timeless Word written by Holy Men Thousands of Years Ago.

    Its called “Iniquity” and it is passed down (in a Move of God’s Mercy and Loving-kindness) from one Generation to the next and next. We are all afflicted with this in a variety of rotten ways; and as Billy Joe Shave sings…”its Been That Way Since the Get-Go.”

    Jesus of Nazareth-The “Only Begotten” One is the only man never to have inherited the Iniquity of the First Adam.
    That is how He is qualified to Redeem us and Cleanse us from All Unrighteousness with His Precious and Pure Blood.

    Did you also know that Modern Science, in the filed of Epigenetics in particular, is recognizing how the Belief of the Truth is able to influence our genetically make up and enable us to be “transformed.” Our DNA really doesn’t dictate our behavior…our Free Will is more powerful than the DNA influences.


    Our Heavenly Father Sees Fully what is going on in our Human Race.
    He Understands and has provided the Remedy.
    There is Life Transforming Power Revealed in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    It IS the Power of God for Salvation for those who Believe the Truth.

    Jesus Christ has Come and Redeemed us.
    He does Not impute our trespasses on us but imputes His Righteousness and Holiness Into us as He Reconciles us to the Father.

    So I say to every Soul…even the Fornicators and Adulterers and Homosexuals or whatever other type of Naughtiness you might like to indulge in …
    – Just as You Are-
    Into the Loving Arms of your Savior Jesus.
    You Are Welcomed to Come Closely into His Place of Peace and Well Being.
    I expect you will find His Light of Life Shining Brighter and Brighter in your Heart.

    (God’s People Need to Understand this Too)

    Just like with the Woman caught in adultery, Jesus will dismiss the Accuser and Forgive the Sin and say:
    “Go. and Sin No More”

    So Marvelous.

  5. Thanks for the incredible word. It speaks! I like the logo and idea, “Freedom to Preach”. While you remind me very much of an OT prophet, I am not sure there is a freedom to preach. There are thousands of people with God’s word on their lips, but they aren’t preaching. The church simply does not make room for them. That probably means preaching the word must go out into the world.

  6. Dear brother James, I am confused concerning the possibility that someone could be born homosexual. I do know that some are born with male and female sex organs. Is this a mistake? how do they decide the gender God intended them to be. i don’t want to argue or prove anything but also want to agree with God on these issues. I want to “love God with all my heart, soul and mind and my neighbor as myself.” Help me sort this out. Thank you.

  7. I am excited to see part two of this article. I feel empowered seeing you speak in person. Thank you for being bold, James.

  8. Always love your preaching and teaching. Just do not get enough of it from the pulpit. I long for a church that starts to DO what you preached and let the chips fall where they may. It is time to rise up and speak the truth in love, it is time for revival!!! Bless you pastor.

  9. I was there that historic night in Dallas. I sat on the platform for reason I never found out. I was from Henrietta, Texas.
    It was a great God-honoring event that God ordained. Great preachers were there on the platform and spoke powerful. James preached a very powerful message that night that reminded me of my idea of an OT prophet.
    It’s about time we have another such event in every major city in America.

  10. Peter J Shepherd

    James, I so much appreciated your message this morning at Gateway Church’s First Conference. As you said, neither you, nor anyone else, is perfect, and we all fail, sometime’s daily. God’s grace is more than enough to wash away our sin and call us to live a holy life.

    Those that know me know that I am a strong proponent of the Grace Message, currently taught by yourself, and other men of God. It seems that there are those in the body of Christ, and in particular those in the LGBT community, and, in particular their Church, called “Grace Fellowship,” are attempting to pervert the meaning of “Grace” to change the definition of right and wrong. We were warned that in the last days, there would be those that would call good, evil, and evil, good. This is NOT Grace. Grace will call us to flee from sin – and pursue God in holiness, without which, no man can see God.

    Let me make it clear, God loves the homosexual, as He loves the murderer, the thief, and the liar and cheater, as He calls all of us to. But, He hates the sin because of its self-destructive nature. True Grace is not a “license to sin,” for as Paul said, “shall we continue in sin that grace may abound,” because we are not under law, but under grace? “God forbid. May it never be.” If I see you about to drive over a cliff, do I not have a responsibility to warn you, and even, get in your way, risking my own life, if necessary? Yet, we have a whole society going over a cliff in the name of “tolerance.”

    It’s time for us to embrace the true Grace of God, and flee immorality of all arms, into the arms of Jesus, Who is full of both Grace and Truth. It’s time that we stop trying to water down the Word of God to appease the tickling ears of the masses, and preach the Gospel, as you have been doing so for many years, which IS the power unto Salvation – healing, deliverance, restoration, and preservation, unto those that believe.

    • Peter J Shepherd

      Please excuse the typo’s. I need to begin to proofread my writing before hitting “enter.”

      God bless everyone. Let us embrace Grace, and flee into the arms of Jesus, who alone is full of Grace and Truth.

  11. We need more emphasis on the last half of the last verse of Romans 1.

  12. Dear James,
    I also thank you for speaking God’ truth- the truth that sets us free. Praise God!
    Jesus’ church that I attend preaches the truth in the Spirit too! Glory be to our Father. Amen.
    God bless you.

  13. The responses you have read are from our son. I am grateful for his convictions, concern and assistance. Having also read your comments, I would offer this response:

    Every person who cares about the well-being of others should always seek to protect them from harm. When people choose to defy the laws of nature and the laws of God, they should be warned of the consequences. Anyone attempting to defy gravity by leaping from a dangerously high place will meet compassionate resistance from those who care.

    Congress and the Supreme Court can approve laws that defy God’s laws, but it will not lessen the painful consequences of ignoring God’s laws. As a Christian, I will encourage all who believe God’s word to do what Paul challenged Timothy to do in 2 Timothy 2:24-26, “And the Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome but must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful. Opponents must be gently instructed, in the hope that God will grant them repentance leading them to a knowledge of the truth, and that they will come to their senses and escape from the trap of the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will.”

  14. I see you took down my post.

    PLEASE write to me at Kathy@canyonwalkerconnections.com

    You have some fixing to do in your later years. I would like to offer you a safe place of relationships to investigate WHO your gay brothers and sister are.

    I am writing a book. You are most certainly getting a mention for your place in history that started the discrimination.

    I would like you to come to GFICJ in May to “see” and listen to the Spirit of God.

    • All comments are reviewed before posting. Nothing was removed. Please don’t be so angry.

      • I am not sure where you interpreted “anger” — I am calling you to account and asking you to please step beyond your lack of information on this issue. That is not anger brother. This is a request and opportunity to make things right.

        • My disagreement with homosexuality is not a matter of ignorance. To the contrary, it is a matter of study, prayer, and, frankly, logic. It seems that “making things right” in your eyes means to embrace homosexuality as Godly. But scripture is abundantly clear on the topic, so the only way I can be “right” is to agree with God’s word on the matter.

          • Thank you for sharing these wise words to the commenter, James. And thank you for this blog entry. I’ve been reading your words and watching Life Outreach for many years. Prayers being offered for you and for Betty and for your ministry. Thank you.

        • I am not a biblical scholar. I am just your average Joe with a family trying to make sense of the world God has given us to live by using the Bible as our foundation.

          Ms. Baldock, you state that there wan’t much information about sexual orientation in the 1970’s, as far as I know (again I am not a scholar)….God’s instructions (ie. The Bible) aren’t subject to revisions and culture changes. So, if you would, please share with us the scripture(s) where God says that homosexuality is not a sin.

          Not trying to get in an argument (as I have seen too many of these discussions on TV). Just make it plain and simple. Where does it say in the Bible? Because the last time I checked, the Bible is the foundation and moral compass for all of God’s children.

    • Having been through an election in Washington State last November where homosexual marriage was approved, I find the same line of reasoning that was used there being used here.One side uses logic and scripture.The other side uses mostly emotions that play to people’s heart strings.Emotions nearly always trumps logic and common sense(Scripture).
      One person writes that ” There was not much information about sexual orientation in the 70’s”. True. And probably a whole lot less than that back in the days of Sodom @ Gomorrah. That’s tragic. If only God had access to those psychological reports back then those cities would never have been destroyed.
      The Ledger of God,for these people, has only one side. Love. In reality it has two.The other being Justice.The “Woe” side, if you will. Isa.5:20″Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil.”
      We hear their plaintive cries for “understanding”, “acceptance” and “tolerance”. In response to those cries I end with a quote from Archbishop Chaput…”Evil talks about tolerance ONLY when it is weak. When it gains the upper hand,it’s vanity always requires the destruction of the good and the innocent, because the example of good and innocent lives is an ongoing witness against it. So it always has been. So it always will be. And America has no special immunity to becoming an enemy to it’s own founding beliefs about human freedom, human dignity, the limited power of the state, and the sovereignty of God.”

  15. What you preached and spoke on this issue in the late 1970s may have been somewhat excusable in hindsight because there was not much information about sexual orientation. Also, there were very few publicly accessible witnesses to the power and presence of Christ ant the Spirit in the LGBT community.

    NOW, however, this information is easily accessible for those who WANT to learn.

    To still be holding on to these deeply seeded biases and human interpretations that can be confronted readily by the abundant witness of LGBT Christians is a sign of stubbornness and unwillingness to challenge your long-held and destructive dogma.

    Thirty five years of laziness in which you might have searched this issue out to learn. Sad.

    You are one of the ones who manufactured the party line against the LGBT community in the original Religious Round Tables. You have a long history therefore of spiritual abuse against the LGBT community, in particular your LGBT brothers and sisters.

    I would encourage and invite you to visit good friends of mine at GRACE FELLOWSHIP IN CHRIST JESUS in Dallas for a Sunday service or join us in May as several hundred LGBT Pentecostal believers and their allies gather for 4 days. Come join us for teaching, worship and a meal, or two.

    Please, you have been at this for 35 years, it is time to come and meet those who are INDEED your equals IN the Kingdom. It really is time to finally learn.

    • Actually the “discrimination” regarding gay sex acts began in the Old Testament and continued through Paul’s writings. You need to do some mental gymnastics to explain away the clear message of the scriptures.

      • Mr. Robison, your description of ” “discrimation” reagarding gay sex acts beginning in the Old Testament and continued through Paul’s writings” does not take into account contextual, historical, nor, even, simple human interpretation of His message to the world in the presence of Christ and His Holy Spirit. I don’t have to do “some mental gymnastics to explain away the clear message of scriptures.”

        In all honesty, Brother, His clear message is concisely stated in Scripture about how you and all of us are to treat other’s in His eyes and what He expects of us (Matthew 22:36-40). John also states TWICE something that you might want to take to heart when you speak of LGBT people especially those of us who have a heart and soul felt belief in Him (John 3:16 and John 11:26).

        Our Savior had MUCH to say about those who hold people to rules, regulations, and the Law (Matthew 23) and He wasn’t to nice about those who wish to place the Law on someone elses shoulders as a millstone.

        • Demonstrating love to others does not mean ignoring or accepting wrongful acts. This is not a matter of Old Testament law, but of New Testament revelation. You and I should love those who are prideful, but we should not disagree with scripture and justify pride. The same is true for anything else that is contrary to God’s truth. Your decision to engage in homosexuality defies what is natural and what is in accordance with all of scripture. Telling you the truth about it is not hatred or intolerance. It is, in fact, the greatest love to speak the truth.

          • Pride, Mr Robison? The only pride I take is walking humbly before my God knowing He loves me and that He created me and knew me before I was even born (Psalm 139 and more specifically Psalm 139:13-16). However, to you, I made a “choice” and, if you wish, you can also make the “choice” to continue to walk in your path which, to me, is a path of self righteousness. That is what His Spirit tells me. He, however, looks at you and I, I think, is asking you, “How are you treating My sheep? Are you gathering them in and teaching them the all encompassing agape love that I taught you through My Spirit to have for your fellow man? Or are you, instead, laying down rules and regulations that you perceive are My will? Are you really listening to Me? Are you truly bringing about the Kingdom God and bringing about My will on earth as it is in heaven? Didn’t I not teach of my two greatest commandments and that you should walk humbly before me in all your ways if you are to call yourself My follower? Did I not ask you to remove the plank from your own eye before removing the splinter from anothers?”

            Mr. Robison, I walk humbly before my God, knowing His love for me, try to show that love to others thereby bringing about His Kingdom. I listen to His still, small voice in my soul. I try, in my daily life to embody His two greatest commandments. I have allowed His love to remove the plank of prejudice and self hate from my eyes and hope my testimony removes the splinter from yours. I don’t doubt my faith in Him but it seems, to me, that you do.

          • Pride was another example of sin, not an accusation. Unless, of course, there is no such thing as sin. It’s interesting that you put “self-righteousness” in a negative light, as if it is unbiblical and wrong. (I would agree with that assessment, but that’s not the point.) We do not disagree on the issues of love, Jesus’ commandments, or humility. That is not the question at hand. The question is whether homosexual acts are in accordance with God’s will or not. The plain message of the New Testament indicates that they are not.

  16. James,
    As long as I’ve had access to your proclamations of TRUTH, God’s Spirit has always revealed such as TRUTH, and you have remained faithful to the TRUTH over many years. I think (and suspect that many others think) that these TRUTHS are powerful and effective in life’s spiritual battles even today. Thanks for the encouragement your words bring and for revealing the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit into the lives of many. May we all take up your CROSS daily and diligently do our part as well!

  17. I wanted to stand up and cheer when I began reading this article and I look forward to reading the conclusion next week. I am even going to print them both off to keep as reminders and as a reference for me to always remember to not be ashamed of speaking truth. I just posted it on Facebook as well because I know that is a quick way to get this out to as many as possible. I am proud to be a Christian and to call Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior and God my Father and I would shout it on the rooftops if I could.

  18. Thank you James…So appreciate your Love for Jesus and the Word of God. I pray we the church stand for the Truth as Jesus is our only answer to the title wave of evil that has so invaded our present day culture. Nothing is new.The devil is as real as he was back in the garden of Eden. No surprises here. You are so right my brother as deception and lies are some of the enemies greatest tactics.

    Darkness cannot exist when the Light of Jesus is present. My heartfelt prayer is that the church of Jesus Christ stand strong in His might and press on taking more ground for the kingdom of God. May the Holy Spirit use His anointed Word spoken by His children to change hearts and minds for all eternity.

    The battle is the Lord’s!!

    Blessings my Brother James as you make me want to shout it on the rooftops that Jesus is Lord.Hallelujah!!!

    Your Brother in Christ,


  19. So proud of u James!! I’ve always have admired your stand for our Heavenly Father and our great country. Keep up the Awsome work, You are in my Prayers Daily!!!

  20. Pastor Ferd Sebastian

    Amen! (Brief enough:-)

  21. virginia routzon

    Thank you James, for your servants heart. Keep preaching Gods truth!

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