Obama Neglected A More Serious Threat Than ISIS

Everyone who watched President Obama’s final State of the Union address Tuesday night has an opinion about how he did, what he should have said and what he shouldn’t have said. For me the most glaring omission wasn’t the lack of straight talk about a languishing economy and the growing threat of radical Islamic terrorism. Those are real challenges for America, but the more basic challenge the president didn’t mention… [Read the full column on The Stream]

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  1. James,
    I believe Obama will not talk about “Fatherlessness” because he does not support, or believe in, the biblical view of “family” that God created from the beginning. To expect him to address that issue is like expecting him to speak the words “Islamic terrorist”. He will not address issues he does not believe exist. He has a different world view, a different American view, and for sure, a different Spiritual view. Praying for God to intervene for America and the world!

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