American leadership lacks the wisdom that comes only from Divine Providence.

Remove Pharaoh – Return to Wisdom

Response to last week’s commentary was gratifying. Most readers seem to grasp a very important point: America’s Pharaoh is not a person or a political party – it is a power source other than God upon which people erroneously and foolishly depend, even begin to worship. It replaces God, exalting an unprincipled, unbiblical worldview. The advocates and supporters of this system consistently assault absolute principles while rejecting revealed truth. As a result, freedom is redefined as everyone doing what is right in their own eyes. When people begin to lose freedom individually, they give it up nationally. The problems we face and the resulting bondage can be changed by God’s people living as the light that cannot be hidden.

Christians must recognize, “A house divided cannot stand.” Church leadership must stop fighting over theological differences and become supernaturally united by love, concern for others and fulfilling God’s Kingdom purpose. Cease arguing about the Holy Spirit and begin living in the demonstration of His power with love, peace, and kindness. Reject the godless worldview by demonstrating the power of a biblical worldview with its magnetic attraction. Jesus said, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to myself.”

It’s obvious to everyone here and around the whole world that American leadership lacks the wisdom that comes only from Divine Providence. These are realities we face:

  • America is divided by colliding worldviews.
  • Our choice is a big God or big government.
  • We can trust other men’s promises of provision, entitlement and dependence, or return to personal responsibility, accountability, hard work and a genuine interest in the well being of our neighbor.
  • We must choose between solid biblical principles or the opinions of relativists.
  • There is an all out assault on the Christian faith, biblical absolutes and any mention of God in the public square.
  • Moral standards are being rejected. Anything goes in sexual practices. Marriage is redefined. Protection of the innocent and innocence is diminished.
  • Ever-increasing excess in government spending will deplete not only the treasury, but the ability for anyone to get ahead through honest labor and understanding the importance of risk and reward.
  • Freedom is being exchanged for dependence and a sense of entitlement, leading to national bondage.
  • The importance of limited government under God and principled people is being replaced by an excessive, ineffective, all-powerful state. National direction is being determined by special interest groups who demand so-called rights while refusing personal responsibility. As a result, opportunity, productivity, and even the promise of meaningful employment are destroyed.

Recognizing the serious problems we face, Christians must stop arguing among themselves and stand together as an unshakable, spiritually united body of true believers. We must reject the thought that evangelism is to be separated from the importance of standing against evil. As a lifelong evangelist, I understand that we win people to Christ and teach them to assume responsibility as Kingdom witnesses here and now. We weren’t saved just to escape this world and go to heaven. We were born again to have the Kingdom of heaven revealed “on earth as it is in heaven.” We are to stand against the gates of hell and its forces of destruction and deception.

Transformed people transform the culture while standing boldly against evil. Let it be said of us, we feared no man, no power, and gave no ground to the enemy. We are “soldiers of the Lord Jesus” and “more than conquerors in Christ!” Take a moment to consider the effect of the Christian witness on the culture in some of the most challenging times in human history:

Christian influence on government was primarily responsible for outlawing infanticide, child abandonment, and abortion in the Roman Empire (in AD 374); outlawing the brutal battles-to-the-death in which thousands of gladiators had died (in 404); outlawing the cruel punishment of branding the faces of criminals (in 315); instituting prison reforms such as the segregating of male and female prisoners (by 361); stopping the practice of human sacrifice among the Irish, the Prussians, and the Lithuanians; outlawing pedophilia, granting of property rights and other protections to women; banning polygamy; prohibiting the burning alive of widows in India (in 1829); outlawing the crippling practice of binding young women’s feet in China (in 1912); persuading government officials to begin compulsory education of all children in Germany (16th century) and a number of European countries.

During the history of the church, Christians have had a decisive influence in opposing and abolishing slavery in the Roman Empire, in Ireland, and in most of Europe. In England, William Wilberforce, a devout Christian, led the successful effort to abolish slavery throughout the British Empire by 1840. In the United States, Christians were the most ardent abolitionists, speaking, writing, and agitating constantly for the abolition of slavery in the United States. The American civil rights movement that resulted in the outlawing of racial segregation and discrimination was led by Martin Luther King Jr., a Christian pastor.

There was also strong influence from Christian ideas and influential Christians in the formulation of the Magna Carta in England (1215) and of the Declaration of Independence (1776) and the Constitution (1787) in the United States. These are three of the most significant documents in the history of governments on the earth, and all three show the marks of significant Christian influence in the foundational ideas of how governments should function. These foundations for British and American government did not come about as a result of the “do evangelism, not politics” view.

If the Christian church had adopted the “do evangelism, not politics” view throughout its history, it would never have brought about these immeasurably valuable changes among the nations of the world. But these changes did happen, because Christians realized that if they could influence laws and governments for good they would be obeying the command of their Lord, “let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven” (Matt. 5:16)1

The choice is clear: We can live in freedom under God or in bondage under any other source, which amounts to a modern-day Pharaoh. Paul told the New Testament church, “The things that happened to Israel are an example for us.”2 Surely you remember, God delivered the people from bondage in order to lead them into the land of blessing, freedom, and fruitfulness. Our God is a God who blesses those living in His shadow. Only unbelief and disobedience to His Word can hinder the blessings He freely offers through His Son. “When the Son sets you free, you are free indeed.”3

True believers understand that hearts and minds must be transformed by the power of God and witnessing the visible manifestation of His life through the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Now is the time to “rise and shine with the glory of the Lord upon us!” Concerned Christians must support leaders who understand the reality of spiritual warfare and the importance of a Christian worldview. This does not mean we impose our faith on others, merely that we choose representatives that reflect our values. That’s both the benefit and danger of democracy.

Sadly, I believe that inept, self-serving, corrupt leaders actually do reflect the values of many people. That’s why the church must rise up, courageously and compassionately demonstrating and defending the love of Christ. This we know for sure: Christ left us here as His witnesses on this earth for His glory and kingdom purpose. The moment Christians decide to stand together as the family of God, the forces of hell will tremble and truth will win!


[1] Politics According to the Bible, Wayne Grudem, p. 49-50
[2] 1 Cor. 10:6
[3] John 8:36

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  1. James R – still not seeing the “light” – knowing that you have a soft spot for these children you want to help, I just can’t figure out how giving them shoes which they’ll be growing out of in 6 to 9 months, in the long run will keep them healthy as you say(?) So what is one to conclude here other than you and your wife seem really short sighted, spiritually and practically! While “my” shoe ornament dangles from next year’s holiday tree the gift I gave will be long gone and those children will be right back in the dump, barefoot. Right back risking injury and contracting those vicious hook worms.

    • Apparently you don’t know much about children. Either that or you’re purposely trying to be mean. Regardless, here in America we have the term “hand-me-downs.” In Africa and Asia, they have figured out the principle, too.

      • No I’m just searching for a deeper side of your reasoning per our initial exchange. I am a Christian and also have worked in advertising over the last 30 years. I do love children and was taken back watching your programming and how great a job your producers were doing “exploiting” the “need” of these children your ministry presents. I am also aware at the costs related to Christian programming. Your latest response, which I do appreciate shows me what seems to be a “spotted” commitment toward certain towns or villages in which these children reside in. I know your ministry gifting through your donations is helping these children. But through your response as to, “hand me downs” as a confident source for these children to depend on… The surety each child will receive another used set of shoes that are in wearable shape and the right size as to avoid blisters and pediatric malformities seems unreasonable and actually kind of ignorant on you and your family’s behalf toward the real care and attention you propose to be giving them publicly. Which leads me back to my first comment on how you are using this angle to exploit children to raise money for your ministry, your celebrity and personal gain.

        • Your charge of exploitation comes across as cruel. I’m quite certain that you do not know enough about our operations to legitimately make such claims. If we were not delivering on our promises, then it would be valid. But we do deliver.

          Of course, we cannot give every child in the world food or water or shoes or anything else. We acknowledge this. But we can help many. Because we go on television and show the need, we have been able to help far more than we would if we didn’t “advertise” it. It is, of course, an ongoing process. Children grow out of them. Shoes wear out. More areas of need are reached. But doing it for none because we can’t do it for all is not a valid excuse for doing nothing. I do wish we could reach every child in need. I wish we could expand our program to more outlets so we could raise more money so we could fill more needs. We cannot solve every problem, but we can solve many, so we do.

          Resistence such as the type you offer does not help more children. To me, it smacks of the two religious figures that passed by the man in need when we should be more like the Samaritan who helped the one he could.

  2. James R.- Thank you for taking the time for your measured response to my comment. Forgive me if I was lacking clarity concerning your “dollars” raised through your ministry. Yes I know your ministry does not receive money from the government, but it does receive money from your listeners who depend on their “entitlements” – who give to support the Lords work through You. Now the question is per your article are we reading something inspired from the heavens or written by a “conservative” wearing rose colored glasses. I would say unfortunately, it seems the later. Re-reading your words, they are smothered with “republican-esk” speak, nothing in the majority that would reflect The Lord. (Whom I know well) -Again you and other well paid ministers have grown soft through the years forgetting what it really is like to work for godless coporate task masters, having your wages frozen for years, losing your healthcare insurance, even being laid-off and finding the increased costs of new education weighed heavily in new debts at absurd interest rates. The lives you comment on seem far from your reality no matter what. Benevolence and sober reasoning would admit that “we the people” can still get it right. The fight is against those who have a bondage with the love of money, whom is today’s Church. Those who believe God prospers with wealth, contrary to the Words of Christ found the New Covenant. Where God prospers in spiritual wisdom, faith and holiness.

    • Wow. You know nothing of my life, yet you judge. You know nothing of the frozen wages at our ministry (mine included), yet you judge. You know nothing of the loss of insurance experienced by many at our ministry (myself included), yet you judge. You know nothing of the educational costs and loans I’m facing, yet you judge. You know nothing of what we believe and teach (which is not the “prosperity message” that is monetary), yet you judge. And you know nothing of our donors, yet you judge.

      I ask you to reconsider.

  3. It’s sad to see ministries as yours thriving in such contradiction. In one breath you speak out against big government dependency yet you yourself live off those same dollars from your television audience. Formulating “gimmicks” to raise money for “the poor” yet you confess a disdaine to help the poor here in this country through certain programs. “Hard work” wow, to think many actually do work hard but Corporate greed stands to diminish the lives of so many… Trimming workers for ungodly gain buy moving companies and production of goods overseas. This is one topic you and many other “Christian leaders” fail to speak out against. We just went through the losses caused by The Great Recession, much due to “smaller government” less regulation, less protections and you and other Christians turn a blind eye, enough as to want to repeat that corruption this current administration has been trying to fix. Jesus answers through care, he gave his life and you worry about money spent helping those in need.

    • Chris, your post is so rife with falsehoods that I cannot let it stand unrefuted. Our ministry does not live off of government dollars. Not a penny. Unlike the government, we receive support voluntarily. If you do not donate, we do not show up at your door, take you to court, turn a government agency on you, or throw you in jail. Your comparison is patently ridiculous.

      We do not use gimmicks to raise money for the poor; we show the need and kindhearted viewers respond. We follow up with donors to show the fulfillment of our promises. We open our books to auditors and provide financial statements upon request. We actually help people without funding wasteful, misguided, and deadly programs (as opposed to the government’s support of “green” initiatives that have failed, abortion providers, and a laundry list of dumb and wasteful projects).

      We have zero disdain for the poor in America. To the contrary, we actually help them. We have supported and continue to support domestic programs for the homeless, unwed mothers, orphans, and other needy Americans.

      Corporations have indeed been fleeing America in the last several years. We have the highest corporate tax rates in the world. We are forcing many to pay higher wages, subjecting them to unreasonable regulations, and asking them to thrive in an economic slump that is a direct result of the current administration’s policies. It’s no wonder they are leaving. Even companies owned by your liberal friends are moving offshore.

      The much-hyped and over-inflated “great recession” was not due to a lack of government intrusion. And if you think the current administration is free from corruption, well…no logical argument can contradict that illogic.

      We don’t worry about money spent helping those in need. We spend it! We know that so much is wasted, mis-spent, and mis-allocated and that leads to more pain for those in need, so of course we will speak out against that. Because we care, we will continue to speak out against it, correct the lies spoken, and actually help those in need through responsible programs with people who care (not nameless, faceless bureaucrats) and demonstrate how real charity can and should work.

  4. Gloria A. Norman

    Dear James, I truly respect the outreaches you have created, but I wonder if you were as critical of former presidents & their administrations, as you have been of President Obama. I don’t think his policies differ that much. I am a black woman & this disturbs me greatly. Please ask yourself this question & answer it honestly.

    • Certainly not near as critical, except perhaps with Jimmy Carter, for legitimate reasons. President Obama’s policies are radically different from the past few presidents’, including Bill Clinton’s (at least the ones he enacted). The criticism is not personal, it’s about policy. Social issues, including the push for redefining marriage and expanding abortion, as well as the healthcare transformation that threatens personal and religious liberty, and the dangerous isolationist approach in world affairs, are drastic departures from G.W. Bush, Clinton, “Daddy” Bush, and Reagan. I can’t tell you how much I wish the first mixed-race president was not so radically liberal! His leftist views have even made race relations worse over the last six years. Our support for African-Americans like Ben Carson, Tony Evans, Star Parker, and others illustrates our views, which are consistently conservative and Christian, not based upon race.

  5. I’ve heard Ryan’s argument before, from my teenage son actually. I appreciate your response, and will be sharing it.
    Thank you,

  6. I would like to pray that America wakes up from its sleep and wisdom returns to its leaders. We turned from God, who blessed this country. Now all we do is remove him from our schools, our businesses, and say separation from church and state. We feel obligated to remove God because it might offend someone. I say this did the atheist, or muslims make this country great. We can have tolerance but lets not forget what made this country what it is, or was. I pray that good people will wake up as i am.

  7. ”It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

    Patrick Henry
    American Revolutionary Leader
    Source: Steve C. Dawson, God’s Providence in America’s History, (Rancho Cordova, CA: Steve C. Dawson, 1988), Vol. I, p. 5.

  8. Dear James, the “living word” our Lord, Christ Jesus found so much sin and evil in all men’s heart on earth when he was here over 2000 years ago. Time evolved and still men do evil to one another. Brothers murder brothers, religious intolerance prevails, death and destruction on earth. Man has not learned to govern when his heart is hardened and against another. War is punishment for men’s evil deeds, and this country of America is over taken by evil powerful men and greed. Our Congress is corrupt, our leaders corrupted, our legislatures in all states corrupted. The common purpose of those leaders is about money and power for themselves. People don’t have power they are enslaved, its history repeating history. How then can the Pastors who also fight among themselves over Biblical truths gather the Sheep to teach them to listen to God and not to men.
    I praise you for trying, but to this end, those in power will bring down this country unless we bring those in power down first.
    To change ignorance and greed you must remove those who do these deeds. And corruption is at the highest levels and money is power, and over shadows the meek who are afraid to stand up for God. We have over two million men and women in prison today many, many do not belong there but the Corrupt courts put our people in prison, its time for deep religious awakening. We have systems so corrupt, Judges who are corrupt and Congress that is corrupt, how then shall God deal with us. There is going to come a Severe Warning and all men will know HIS power and anger. I don’t know when, but I fear we are on the threshold of this happening. God will get out attention, and how else can you loosen the evil in men’s hearts? I fear for all of citizens here and abroad, as no man can undo this inequity it will come through a chastisement and as I recall it is in the bible.

  9. Where else have I heard people saying they should only be governed by god and not government? Oh, right, the Islamic State. Fundamentalists everywhere must not be allowed to poison a civilized society.

    • You didn’t hear that here. Read carefully the phrase, “Concerned Christians must support leaders who understand the reality of spiritual warfare and the importance of a Christian worldview. This does not mean we impose our faith on others, merely that we choose representatives that reflect our values.” The word “representatives” is plural. That means people. People that do things like abolishing slavery, establishing justice, promoting freedom for all, upholding the constitution…you know, the things our government used to do.

  10. Exceptional, anointed and much needed message for Christians today. Jesus has in recent months placed the parable of the talents on my heart when praying for confirmation about our involvement in government. If we do not hold our politicians feet to the fire, do all we can to take care of this incredible country, and remain faithful stewards of the tremendous resources he’s graciously provided for us, it is paramount to burying the talent in the ground. Right now we deserve to have our “talent” handed off to someone else, which may happen shortly if we don’t step up. I continue to agree with you in prayer for mercy, and for a supernatural outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will bring us to our knees before someone or something else does. Thank you, thank you for your obedience to the call of Jesus so many years ago, for diligently staying the course through heartwrenching trials and for lovingly inspiring us all to do the same.

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