Should Faith Leaders Endorse?

The U.S presidential race is heating up with the Iowa caucus just around the corner, and whenever a preacher, priest or rabbi addresses some issue of national and moral importance that our political leaders are involved in, we hear the cry, “Stay out of politics!” [Read the entire column on The Stream]

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  1. Hi James , my name is Eddie White and I am a Mthiodist and I saw you in Beaumont Texas about 40 years ago with my wife. She passed away March the 10th of 20015. I just wanted to see if your ministry was active. I am looking forward to hearing you again. My wife and I were married for 53 years and my life just isn’t the same without her. Please say hi to your wife Betty for me. I now live in Austin, Texas. My wife and I bought our home here 35 years ago. I will go for now. Please let me hear from you sometime. Yours truly, Eddie White

  2. James, while I agree with what you say, I also find that because pastors have not done this in years, we are reaping what has been sown. You care about godly things, but knowing the Supreme Court who will determine the life or death of America by continuing to spit in the face of God, and you are not willing to put your voice on the line for Ted Cruz? You won’t even include his picture as a nominee in your article? You have on Huckabee, who’s endorsed a man who is a habitual liar, who dishonors God and makes a mockery of Christianity, and give him a voice right before Super Tuesday? Thank goodness during the Revolution we had the Black Robe Regiment who were not afraid to speak out from the pulpit. I pray for you, for our pastors, knowing that you bear so much more responsibility than you all seem to recognize. What will your silence leave for your grandchildren’s future?

  3. I must say, I am born again. Over the years, we brought men, women and children to the Master Jesus Christ in East Africa. I moved to America 40 years ago. I travel to East Africa 3-4 times a year.
    The idea that Christians cannot endorse politicians who is not being responsible as men and women of the Gospel. We cannot allow men and women who cannot endorse moral standard and Biblical standards in out everyday lives. Look what we got during the last 7 years coming to 8 years? In Kenya alone we lost our constitution to Islam-Sherial Law just because Christians wanted to be soft and inclusive.
    Under our ministry we took to the people a very strong civic education to the villages, asking men and women to elect born again Christians and including retired pastors and bishops men and women ti seek for public political offices to put down Islam influence and those politicians who were not moral right. Today in Kenya parliament we are praising the Lord we have more than 28 retired pastors and bishops in Kenya national assemblies and county assemblies in 47 counties in Kenya.
    America, must wake and elect and support born again Christians who will protect our freedom of worship and not to be afraid of tax-deductibles in our ministries.
    I salute the pastor of First Dallas of supporting Trump a man who has a message to protect America and make America great again.
    The language has changed we must be out there to support men and women who see the enemy coming.

    Solomon Kimuyu
    Dallas, Texas

  4. I am highly disappointed in both Jerry Falwell & Sarah Palin endorsing Donald Trump. I am feisty and want someone who will fight for righteousness, not his own ego. We must remember our core principals when we vote – not just our frustration.

  5. Thank you James well put from a devout Roman Catholic who tunes into you and Betty everyday because you truly are sincere and genuine in wanting to reach across the faiths i.e. Pope Francis who like you is truly sincere and genuine in trying to bring us all together who believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and if we only worked together for His and ultimately our good we can elect an effective president. Thank you James &, God bless you! Betty

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