The Enemy’s Plan

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During our recent Leadership Summit, Wayne Grudem, Ph.D., who is a professor at Phoenix Seminary and a gifted author, began to write what God revealed to him concerning the strategy and effectiveness of the enemy. He outlined the enemy’s tactics and contrasted them with the will of God as it relates to many issues of deep concern to everyone who understands the importance of faith, family and freedom. The information he shared was sobering, but true.

With God’s help, believers can defeat the enemy’s plan. We must join together to see hearts changed and fulfill the will of God. We can and must defeat the enemy’s strategy. Remember, we are not warring against flesh and blood, but against spiritual powers and hidden sinister forces of darkness and deception. Satan is the father of all lies.

I pray you will read Dr. Grudem’s notes and share this commentary. We have a choice in this hour, but we must take action!




The enemy’s desired result

Means to reach that end

By contrast: God’s desired result



Death of babies


More babies born, not aborted


Sexual morality

Increase in homosexuality

Same-sex marriage laws; hate speech codes

Healthy marriages between 1 man and 1 woman


Sexual morality

Gender identity confusion in children

Teaching in schools that homosexuality is normal

Boys and girls confident and secure in their own distinct gender identities



Destruction of Israel

International condemnation of Israel; UN opposition to Israel led by Arab nations

Israel secure and strong in its own land with defensible borders


American system of government

Destruction of American democracy by destroying the heart of the system that governments must derive their “just powers” from “the consent of the governed,” and that “the laws of nature and of nature’s God” should guide government actions (Declaration of Independence, para. 1–2)

Government power taken over by activist judges who are not accountable to voters and who legislate from the bench rather than being bound by the original public meaning of the Constitution and laws

Government power held in check by representative democracy with separation of powers to protect citizens from the government; laws made only by elected officials, not judges; government is by “the consent of the governed”; government guided by “the laws of nature and of nature’s God”



America attacked and crippled or even destroyed by hostile countries

Disarmament; weaker and weaker national defense

Strong national defense; military able to defeat any potential aggressor nation



Islamic terrorism killing thousands of people; citizens living in constant fear

Depending only on negotiations and not using sustained, superior military power to stop terrorist groups and attacks

America secure from terrorist attacks


National debt

America bankrupt, unable to pay its debts

Deficit spending to get votes; entitlement mentality in society rather than individual responsibility

Balanced budget every year; eradication of national debt; America living within its means


Moral standards

Moral breakdown of society

Teaching of evolution, with implication that there is no God to whom we are morally accountable; teaching of moral relativism in universities

Belief that all people are accountable to God for their actions; belief in some moral absolutes



American citizens ignorant of the goodness and greatness of America; citizens not proud of country, even hating it

Revisionist, anti-American teaching of history; obsessive repetition of past American mistakes

Renewed patriotism; America’s renewed belief in its own goodness; balanced, truthful emphasis on America’s good actions along with acknowledgment of mistakes



Parents unable to control what their children are taught

Government monopoly on K–12 education funds; “experts” rather than parents determining what is taught

Parental control of education



No teaching in schools that God exists or that people are morally accountable to Him

Court-imposed overly-strict view of “separation of church and state” that distorts original meaning of First Amendment

Freedom of religion protected for everyone, but teachers also have freedom to express their own beliefs; local school boards free to decide what is taught to children



Poorly educated high school graduates, unable to read or write well, trapped in low-income jobs or on welfare

Government monopoly on K–12 education funds; teachers unions putting interests of teachers ahead of best interests of students

All children well-educated so as to be able to support themselves



Rebellious, disrespectful children with no respect for legitimate authority

Laws against any physical discipline of children; social agency regulations that remove children from a home if parents physically discipline them

Obedient, respectful children


Racial differences

Continuing racial animosities, distrust, alienation

Minority children trapped in failed public school systems; unable to get enough education to have high-paying jobs

Minority parents have freedom to send children to public or private schools funded by tuition voucher program; racial disparities in income disappear



People in economic bondage and slavery to government; little freedom to decide how to use their time and money

Excessive government taxes and regulations; government taking over more and more industries

Individual freedom; free enterprise system allowed to flourish




Taxes that penalize productivity, reward non-productivity; condemnation of wealth-producers (as “the rich”); entitlement mentality



Natural resources

Fear and panic about using the earth’s resources; poor people trapped in subsistence-level living

Radical environmentalist warnings and lawsuits; global warming alarmism; lawsuits that oppose all development of energy or other resources

Joyful and wise use of earth’s resources


Belief in God

Belief that there is no God who created universe

Evolution presented as only viewpoint in schools, and the only explanation for life

Teaching that God created universe and human beings


Freedom of religion

Oppression of churches; Christian preaching driven out of public places; prison sentences for those who teach “objectionable” parts of the Bible in public

ACLU lawsuits, based on wrongful claims about “separation of church and state” and that people have a right not to feel “offended”

Freedom of religion and freedom of speech in public places


Freedom of religion

Christian speech muzzled on campuses

Hate speech codes in colleges and universities

Freedom of speech on college campuses


Freedom of religion

Silencing of evangelism

Hate speech codes

Public evangelism protected by law


Freedom of religion

No new churches planted

Laws preventing churches from renting schools, public buildings

All religions have freedom to rent schools and other public buildings for meetings


Freedom of religion

Pastors prohibited from speaking about political issues

IRS restrictions on pulpit speech; Johnson Amendment 1954; excessive fear of preaching on politics as result of misleading ACLU and Americans United campaigns

Complete freedom for pastors to teach about God’s Word as it applies to politics and government; moral standards of Bible influencing government for good


In Matthew 16 after Peter’s great confession, Jesus announced that the forces of hell will not prevail against the church that hears and accomplishes the Father’s will. Preachers and pastors who proclaim the truth along with believers who demonstrate its transforming power are the only hope of overcoming the enemy’s deceptive and deadly strategy. Now is the time to put a trumpet to our lips and take a bold stand for truth and righteousness.

Compiled by Wayne Grudem, June 28, 2011. For further discussion on specific topics, see Wayne Grudem, Politics—According to the Bible (Zondervan, 2010)

This article was written by James Robison