During our recent Leadership Summit, Wayne Grudem, Ph.D., who is a professor at Phoenix Seminary and a gifted author, began to write what God revealed to him concerning the strategy and effectiveness of the enemy. He outlined the enemy’s tactics and contrasted them with the will of God as it relates to many issues of deep concern to everyone who understands the importance of faith, family and freedom. The information he shared was sobering, but true.

The Enemy’s Plan

During our recent Leadership Summit, Wayne Grudem, Ph.D., who is a professor at Phoenix Seminary and a gifted author, began to write what God revealed to him concerning the strategy and effectiveness of the enemy. He outlined the enemy’s tactics and contrasted them with the will of God as it relates to many issues of deep concern to everyone who understands the importance of faith, family and freedom. The information he shared was sobering, but true.

With God’s help, believers can defeat the enemy’s plan. We must join together to see hearts changed and fulfill the will of God. We can and must defeat the enemy’s strategy. Remember, we are not warring against flesh and blood, but against spiritual powers and hidden sinister forces of darkness and deception. Satan is the father of all lies.

I pray you will read Dr. Grudem’s notes and share this commentary. We have a choice in this hour, but we must take action!




The enemy’s desired result

Means to reach that end

By contrast: God’s desired result



Death of babies


More babies born, not aborted


Sexual morality

Increase in homosexuality

Same-sex marriage laws; hate speech codes

Healthy marriages between 1 man and 1 woman


Sexual morality

Gender identity confusion in children

Teaching in schools that homosexuality is normal

Boys and girls confident and secure in their own distinct gender identities



Destruction of Israel

International condemnation of Israel; UN opposition to Israel led by Arab nations

Israel secure and strong in its own land with defensible borders


American system of government

Destruction of American democracy by destroying the heart of the system that governments must derive their “just powers” from “the consent of the governed,” and that “the laws of nature and of nature’s God” should guide government actions (Declaration of Independence, para. 1–2)

Government power taken over by activist judges who are not accountable to voters and who legislate from the bench rather than being bound by the original public meaning of the Constitution and laws

Government power held in check by representative democracy with separation of powers to protect citizens from the government; laws made only by elected officials, not judges; government is by “the consent of the governed”; government guided by “the laws of nature and of nature’s God”



America attacked and crippled or even destroyed by hostile countries

Disarmament; weaker and weaker national defense

Strong national defense; military able to defeat any potential aggressor nation



Islamic terrorism killing thousands of people; citizens living in constant fear

Depending only on negotiations and not using sustained, superior military power to stop terrorist groups and attacks

America secure from terrorist attacks


National debt

America bankrupt, unable to pay its debts

Deficit spending to get votes; entitlement mentality in society rather than individual responsibility

Balanced budget every year; eradication of national debt; America living within its means


Moral standards

Moral breakdown of society

Teaching of evolution, with implication that there is no God to whom we are morally accountable; teaching of moral relativism in universities

Belief that all people are accountable to God for their actions; belief in some moral absolutes



American citizens ignorant of the goodness and greatness of America; citizens not proud of country, even hating it

Revisionist, anti-American teaching of history; obsessive repetition of past American mistakes

Renewed patriotism; America’s renewed belief in its own goodness; balanced, truthful emphasis on America’s good actions along with acknowledgment of mistakes



Parents unable to control what their children are taught

Government monopoly on K–12 education funds; “experts” rather than parents determining what is taught

Parental control of education



No teaching in schools that God exists or that people are morally accountable to Him

Court-imposed overly-strict view of “separation of church and state” that distorts original meaning of First Amendment

Freedom of religion protected for everyone, but teachers also have freedom to express their own beliefs; local school boards free to decide what is taught to children



Poorly educated high school graduates, unable to read or write well, trapped in low-income jobs or on welfare

Government monopoly on K–12 education funds; teachers unions putting interests of teachers ahead of best interests of students

All children well-educated so as to be able to support themselves



Rebellious, disrespectful children with no respect for legitimate authority

Laws against any physical discipline of children; social agency regulations that remove children from a home if parents physically discipline them

Obedient, respectful children


Racial differences

Continuing racial animosities, distrust, alienation

Minority children trapped in failed public school systems; unable to get enough education to have high-paying jobs

Minority parents have freedom to send children to public or private schools funded by tuition voucher program; racial disparities in income disappear



People in economic bondage and slavery to government; little freedom to decide how to use their time and money

Excessive government taxes and regulations; government taking over more and more industries

Individual freedom; free enterprise system allowed to flourish




Taxes that penalize productivity, reward non-productivity; condemnation of wealth-producers (as “the rich”); entitlement mentality



Natural resources

Fear and panic about using the earth’s resources; poor people trapped in subsistence-level living

Radical environmentalist warnings and lawsuits; global warming alarmism; lawsuits that oppose all development of energy or other resources

Joyful and wise use of earth’s resources


Belief in God

Belief that there is no God who created universe

Evolution presented as only viewpoint in schools, and the only explanation for life

Teaching that God created universe and human beings


Freedom of religion

Oppression of churches; Christian preaching driven out of public places; prison sentences for those who teach “objectionable” parts of the Bible in public

ACLU lawsuits, based on wrongful claims about “separation of church and state” and that people have a right not to feel “offended”

Freedom of religion and freedom of speech in public places


Freedom of religion

Christian speech muzzled on campuses

Hate speech codes in colleges and universities

Freedom of speech on college campuses


Freedom of religion

Silencing of evangelism

Hate speech codes

Public evangelism protected by law


Freedom of religion

No new churches planted

Laws preventing churches from renting schools, public buildings

All religions have freedom to rent schools and other public buildings for meetings


Freedom of religion

Pastors prohibited from speaking about political issues

IRS restrictions on pulpit speech; Johnson Amendment 1954; excessive fear of preaching on politics as result of misleading ACLU and Americans United campaigns

Complete freedom for pastors to teach about God’s Word as it applies to politics and government; moral standards of Bible influencing government for good


In Matthew 16 after Peter’s great confession, Jesus announced that the forces of hell will not prevail against the church that hears and accomplishes the Father’s will. Preachers and pastors who proclaim the truth along with believers who demonstrate its transforming power are the only hope of overcoming the enemy’s deceptive and deadly strategy. Now is the time to put a trumpet to our lips and take a bold stand for truth and righteousness.

Compiled by Wayne Grudem, June 28, 2011. For further discussion on specific topics, see Wayne Grudem, Politics—According to the Bible (Zondervan, 2010)

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  1. Although I agree with a lot of this, there are a couple problems that don’t seem to add up…

    5 – American system of government
    There are just a lot of factual problems with this…judges making laws? I am a government major in College and I have seen none of this occuring anywhere…some examples and evidence would be nice next time.

    6 – Defense
    Although I agree that it’s important to have a strong national defense, when a spending crisis requires spending cuts, military is the first area that needs to be cut. The US is top military spender in the world, spending roughly $698 billion every year. Followed by China with $119 billion and the UK with $59.6 billion. There are many many problems with our military system, but right now, the best option is to cut spending.

    7 & 8 – (see above)

    10 – Patriotism
    I agree with this one 100%. Anyone living in America has nothing to complain about compared to the systems of government and standards of living in less developed countries. However, I think this logic can be applied to a lot of what this article seems to be complaining about. It seems a contradiction to complain about the American Government system, then say that it is the enemy’s plan to doubt the current Government system.

    11 – Children
    Why is “experts” in quotations? It implies that these experts don’t really know what they are talking about, while no evidence of this is given. This scenaria (parents controling what their children are taught) is both illogical and impossible. Clearly, experts are appointed this position for a reason. Putting every child’s education in the hands of parents is a horrible idea. But even if this idea (in theory) was a good idea, it could never be put into effect. Parents would disagree on so many different levels that nothing would ever be accomplished. This is close to the most illogical point made on this post.

    12 – Children
    I am skeptical of this one. This claims “teachers also have freedom to express their own beliefs” but I imagine that the same demographic that supports things like this would be outraged if a Muslim or Athiest teacher taught his beliefs in school. If all religions shouldn’t have this right, then neither should Christians. (we don’t deserve special privilages. That’s entitlement, which is a sin.)

    15 – Racial differences
    Although I agree that the income and education gaps between minorities (particularly the white-black gap) is pitiful and humiliating, there are many tuition voucher programs available at almost every inner-city school system. However, minority children are often discouraged for fear of being bullied by their peers for participating in such programs. It is seen by their peers as “acting white” and many times can result in violent retaliation. It’s unfortunately a vicious cycle, but just so you know, many of these voucher programs are more than plentiful in inner-city schools.

    17 – Prosperity
    I would just like to point out the clear contradiction here. It says that the enemy uses the “entitlement mentality” to reach his goals. Apply this logic to my point made on “12 – Children”.

    19 – Belief in God
    I would first like to point out that this hugely contradicts the next four points. “Teaching that God created universe and human beings” in school is clearly not providing an atmosphere of “Freedom of Religion.”

    20 – 23
    Once again, I challenge you to apply this logic from an alternative religion’s point of view. I’m sure many people would be outraged if Muslim or Hindu teachings were taught in public places (schools, college campuses, prisons, etc.) Once again, go back to my entitlement point. If you don’t think other religions deserve this right, then neither do Christians.

    24 – Freedom of religion
    This article seems to be much more political, than religious. When politics and religion are mixed, it always ends badly. People become convinced that their political affiliation is “God’s plan” and justify it by any means. Mixing politics and religion almost inevitably ends in hate and anger. This is the opposite of what we should want as Christians.

    For the record, I am a Christian. I am strong in my faith. I love God, and I agree with a lot of this. But a lot of it is also just factually…wrong.

    Please James, I have so much respect for you, and I agree with so much of what you do. A lot of people feel the same way and will listen to whatever you say. So please, don’t post any more articles like this that contradicts itself and misrepresents information, with little factual evidence.

  2. Hey Barb,

    I’m with you on the right-wing stuff. I think that it becomes a dangerous dance when Christians start to get too cozy with politics. But I think that goes for left-wingers, too. It’s just that there seems to be more of a history of Christians mixing their theology in with the right.

  3. So was George “cut taxes, increase spending, balloon the national debt” Bush working for the “enemy”? (Another conundrum: He oversaw the deregulation of the financial industry that gave us the collapse of 2008. So was he a good guy for fighting gov’ment regulation or an agent of the enemy for setting the scene for our current economic troubles?) Man, this stuff is confusing. Won’t someone just tell me what to think?

  4. After reading through this graph from a so called PhD, I’m still at a loss to figure who would have been his mentor and to what end. But I though a few of the lines were true but I thought I’d give a better idea of my idea of christians.

    Common lies Christians tell that are ABSOLUTELY FALSE!

    I deal with Christian lies on a daily basis. These lies range from the myth that Einstein was a theist, to the claim that there is conclusive evidence for Jesus’ existence. I had to make this page so that I could collect some common lies told and present the truth behind the matter. There are hundreds of things I feel compelled to discuss but I shall limit it to a top five list. The top five lies Christian’s tell:

    Darwin recanted on his deathbed. This is completely fabricated and has no foundation in truth whatsoever. A woman named “Lady Hope” spoke to a church group shortly after the death of Charles Darwin. She claimed that she was at Darwin’s bedside on the day of his death. She also claimed that Darwin recanted on evolution and accepted Jesus on his deathbed. Her claims are not only unsupported, but are directly opposed by Darwin’s daughter, Henrietta. Henrietta stated “I was present at his deathbed, Lady Hope was not present during his last illness, or any illness. I believe he never even saw her, but in any case she had no influence over him in any department of thought or belief. My father never recanted any of his scientific views, either then or earlier. I am upset that the U.S. Christians have fabricated this conversion nonsense. The whole story has no foundation whatever.” February 23, 1922.

    Evolution has been proven false (is only a theory). Evolution can be divided into two parts, macro and micro. Micro evolution is a fact, where as macro evolution remains a theory due to debates on the exact steps of the evolutionary process. EVOLUTION DID HAPPEN we simply can’t trace the exact evolutionary steps of the of the 3 trillion plus species on earth. Considering there is no way that we can even prove if we have located all the species on earth, this may always remain a theory. We can prove though, beyond a doubt, that humans have evolved. We can trace it back conclusively 3.6 million years. 97% of all scientists accept evolution (so does the Catholic Church). Christians have spread lies about this excessively, they especially like to say evolution preaches that Humans evolved from monkeys. Evolution does not state that humans evolved from monkeys, that idea is completely absurd. Science states that monkeys and humans evolved from a shared forefather and are hence relatives, (all primates are) but we are in no way direct descendants of them.

    Atheists have no morals. All one has to do is take a look at the American prison system. Nearly 76% of violent criminals are Christian and NO, most of these Christians did not convert after conviction, they were Christian at the time of the crime. The greatest genocides in human history stemmed from the Christian faith. If you examine secular societies in comparison to religious societies; secular societies will consistently have less crime, unemployment, corruption and more freedom, share of wealth and a higher standard of living. Nearly EVERY single advancement towards morality (I.E: ceasing native genocide, freeing the slaves and women’s suffrage) was OPPOSED by the church and Christian organizations.

    This United States is a country founded on Christianity. This is the biggest sack of [expletive removed] and only an EXTREME MORON would believe something this retarded. The VERY FIRST AMENDMENT of the constitution is based on the Separation of church and state. The paramount reason why the forefathers came to this country was for religious freedom. They listed it as their top goal in forming America. Matter of fact most of the fore fathers weren’t even Christian, but deist, atheist and agnostic. I could site thousands of quotes which piss on this lie from Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Paine, etc. but I shouldn’t need to, considering the reading of the constitution is a 4th grade curriculum requirement.

    There are no atheists in foxholes. I hear this one on a weekly basis and it never ceases to amuse/disgust me. One third of the world’s population does not believe in a deity. The largest concentration of free thinkers is found in Asia, which participated in each world war and have been feuding over territory with the surrounding regions for thousands of years (especially Japan and China). My father is an atheist and served during the Berlin Crisis. I am an atheist and though I wasn’t in a fox hole, I faced death while giving birth and I tell you that the thought about God NEVER crossed my mind when I heard my condition could be fatal. I have had the privilege to meet hundreds of atheists who served in WW2 and Vietnam, each of whom sat in fox holes and said the last thing they think of is god because actually they really wonder, where is this god if they do think about it.

  5. Seems to me that fundamentalist preachers and extremist evangelicals are the worst enemy to our faith. Christians were never attacked in this country like we are now until so many decided to mix politics with their faith. All you conservative Christians have done is turn people off to religion instead of winning them over. Had I not been grounded in my faith I myself would have been disgusted with Christians after the last 30 years of right-wing pastors trying to tell the rest of us how to vote and implying that we aren’t true Christians if we are not Republicans. This so-called ‘enemy’s plan’ comes out when there is a Democrat in the White House. You people never criticize your own party for the vile things they do. It was fine for them to destroy our economy and take us into a war based on lies because they were Republicans. One more thing, if you think God is pleased that you believe the wealthy in this country should run things and get welfare like they are getting at the expense of the poor and middle class then maybe you should read the words of Jesus again!

  6. I agree with several of the items on this list. Personally, I’d have put number 24 as number 1.

    Other points seem to firmly keep Christians’ focus on abortion and homosexuals, while allowing them to think there is nothing wrong with the way government is operating…and that all corporations are good.

    Many religious leaders, politicians and corporations are having a figurative love affair with government, the IRS and money.

    Last time I checked, the catalyst for Jesus’ crucifixion was his challenge of governmental authority.

    If you preach compassion, you’ll be slapped down. If you stand up to tyranny, you’ll be crucified.

    These are lessons Jesus taught us. We’ve had 2,000-plus years to catch on and still haven’t got it.

    It’s ugly, but it’s time to start looking at the true cause of our problems. To start, let’s all look in the mirror and repent for doing nothing to prevent the loss of our great Republic.

    When the debt ceiling finally hits the wall, it will be too late.

    PS — It wasn’t abortions and gays that caused that problem.

  7. Thanks James for writing the list given to Wayne Grudem by God on the differences between the enemy’s strategy and desired result and God’s will or desired result. I found this list very revealing, interesting and informative. I believe the enemy is doing similar things in Australia. I pray that America and Australia will not end up in the enemy’s clutches doing what he wants, but instead will go towards God’s desired result or will.

    L.Agius (Sydney, Australia)

  8. You caught us! All white conservatives secretly support SLAVERY! Oh no…what will we do now that the secret it out?

    On a serious note, I can immediately tell you know nothing about GM. My father worked there all of his life and he complained for years about how the unions were running the place into the ground, then the increasing government regulations that made it almost impossible to compete with imports. But if you’re that smart, I’m sure they would love to hire you for a fraction of the current CEO’s salary. Submit your resume!

    And no, the workplace is not the place for “justice.” That’s the courts. If you don’t like your job, leave. Go get a better one while you still can. Be an entrepreneur, not a victim who always demands petty “rights.”

    Your point about Israel is just misdirected. The author makes no claims that you assert. Perhaps if you had guns pointed at you from every side and bombs killing people every week, you’d feel a little differently. They are in the hot seat. Of course, they are not perfect, but they are the ONLY democracy in the region.

    Same deal on the natural resources point. Nowhere are your criticisms stated as the point. Abuse is wrong either way. Nobody advocates those things you list.

    As for your “golden rule” argument, Christ is much more complex than a simple platitude. If you’re going to pursue Christ, you must pursue every part of Him with every part of you. Otherwise, one is simply using His words for personal gain. Certainly that passage is true, but it’s not the entire Gospel.

  9. Is it just me or is this list quite unjust and somewhat bizarrely non-Christ-like?

    Here’s just some questions at play:

    1. Israel – International condemnation of Israel
    – Because they’re Israel, they’re above the law? Should not all nations be treated equally with justice for all? Or should special concessions be made for some nations and not for others?
    – Should not Israel be praised when it deserves praise, and condemned when it deserves condemnation?

    2. Defense – Disarmament; weaker and weaker national defense;
    Depending only on negotiations and not using sustained, superior military power to stop terrorist groups and attacks

    – When the capitalist system makes good money off war and death of innocent people, should we not bring this into question? Is bombs the only way to deal with other nations? Why not drop bombs within the united states from planes upon ‘suspected households’?
    – Should you not do onto others what you would like done onto you?

    Prosperity – Taxes that penalize productivity, reward non-productivity; condemnation of wealth-producers (as “the rich”); entitlement mentality

    – Should we not question why a CEO like from GM makes 50 millions per year to drive the company into the ground? How much actual productivity does a CEO do for a company (which is actually a well-oiled system managed by thousands of others and which can run quite well without a CEO in place) – and why they get then by far the biggest share?
    Should the company not be a place of justice? Or should the privileged, ‘committee vote’ in whatever tax breaks and salaries they want – at the expense of their brothers and sisters?

    Natural resources – Radical environmentalist warnings and lawsuits; global warming alarmism; lawsuits that oppose all development of energy or other resources

    – Is it fair that only US gets all the resources and other countries be bombed into submission, or to have their environment polluted permanently?
    Is it fair that small minority rural groups within US have their homes destroyed/ polluted, just to maximize share holder returns in the ‘big smoke’?

    Not sure how these four points actually stand with the teachings of Christ who had put forth the golden rule as a commandment.

    You know slavery used to be held as a Christian ideal at one point too – and many good Christians fervently believed it was God’s will that it was so, and bible passages were used in its defense.

    Question is – how do all these points above pass the golden rule test?
    I suggest some don’t, and if we seek Christianity to be universally respected, we need universal justice, not just what favors ‘us’ and ‘our interests’.

  10. I and many others who are not caught up in Fundamentalist / Dominionist Christianity find this list to be extremely unjust and and un-Christlike.

    Consider their teaching on prosperity. They get this teaching straight from Ayn Rand, apparently.

    Ayn Rand Mike Wallace Interview 1959 part 1 (First of three parts).

  11. This chart is based on paranoia and desperate confusion, and appears to be an attempt to incite hatred and violence based on active disinformation. I’m a liberal atheist who supports a legal system that respects women’s reproductive rights. I suppose according to the above presentation that makes me “the enemy”. This kind of extreme Manichean formulation is dangerous, as we have seen in the example of yesterdays act of right-wing Christian terrorism in Norway.

    Every single entry in the “enemies desired result” column involves a cartoonish straw-man depiction of a so-called enemy that does not exist.

    Take abortion for example. There is nobody that desires an increase of abortion. Nobody wants to kill babies. I think an abortion is a tragic event, and nobody should ever decide to have one without a great deal of deliberation, just as nobody should decide to have a child carelessly either. In my opinion, respecting the rights of a woman to decide she is not capable of or ready for motherhood involves a great deal of respect for life. Allowing the government to take possession of a woman’s body and to require against her will that she have a child once she is impregnated is a frightening abuse of power.

    I understand that anti-abortion feelings come from a loving and compassionate heart, and I would love to see a world where no child ever suffers violence or abuse or poverty or any kind of pain or misery. I would love to see every child raised in a world that is safe and clean and loving and provides every kind of opportunity for a fulfilling and prosperous life. But I must accept the reality of the world. If a woman is raped, or is abandoned by the father, or worse is treated cruelly or violently assaulted by the father, I think it is wise for the woman to decide that she can not raise a child with this man. And a noble choice at this point would be for the woman to deliver the child into this world and offer it up for adoption. But I can’t see justice in government forcing such a choice.

    While I understand that extending rights to a child from the moment of conception derives from admirably moral and compassionate motives, there are a number of biological facts that seem to argue against drawing this hard line of no-compromise. For example, around 50% of fertilized embryos are spontaneously “aborted” in menstruation because implantation on the uterine wall fails, or because of natural miscarriage. A believer could explain this natural death away as being God’s will, but still if one is thoughtful they would have to ask the question: if it is true that each fertilized embryo possesses a soul and is a life precious to God that is to be protected with the same legal rights as any human being, why would God allow so many of them to die?

    Fetal surgeries are performed without anesthetics because the fetus does not show any conscious pain reaction, and it is considered that the anesthetic drugs could be harmful to a developing fetus. These surgeries save lives, and are a “miracle” only enabled by rigorous science. They are also pretty good evidence that for most of the human gestation period, even after organs and a heart-beat have developed, the brain and nervous system is not yet capable of pain and suffering. There are still arguments among doctors and scientist about when we can be certain that a fetus experiences pain, but there is firm consensus that it is not in the first two trimesters.

    I am not an enemy, I am not a “baby-killer”, I am not a monster. I believe there is room for dialog on this issue, but that can’t happen when there is hatred and demonization on either side. I believe that there are ways to work to greatly reduce the numbers of abortions without making it a crime. I think that criminalizing it creates unnecessary suffering for many mothers and even for children that are born “unwanted” and not raised by capable loving parents. Sad as it is, I think there are many people in this world who have suffered enough to wish they had not been born. I would prefer to see anti-abortion activists work on positive pro-active programs to encourage women to not choose to have abortions, and to use the adoption route in the tragic circumstances that a child is unwanted. Focusing efforts in this direction will allow you to become allies with people whom you currently designate as enemies. It probably in the long-run would be more effective in reducing the number of abortions than criminalization, because in that case women determined to have an abortion will seek out unsafe illegal abortions or even worse, resort to infanticide.

    In my opinion, in the long run criminalization of abortion will result in more death and abortion and devastating jail sentences than an effective program of education and counseling to encourage women to use other options. This should include birth control, which I know is offensive to people who believe that abstinence unti marriage is the only morally appropriate approach. Sometimes in a democracy we must choose the lesser of two undesirable options. Certainly abstinence is a worthy option and can be freely encouraged, thanks to our First Amendment rights, but trying to enforce it is fighting a losing battle against human biological nature. For example, many Catholic priests, who are required to maintain celibacy and who presumably have intimate relationships with their god have been unable to contain their lust and have tragically inflicted it abusively upon helpless children under their control. Who can realistically expect the admonishments of church and parental authority to contain the hormonally charged desires of healthy teen-agers? It never has, not even in some idealized historical past.

    I don’t believe that anyone who honestly seeks to understand me and talk to me about the reasons for my position on abortion could consider me a dangerous enemy or a heartless killer. And I believe the same is true for every single one of the issues in this table that use false characterizations of your ideological counterparts to incite hatred and conflict. Stirring up people’s emotions is a tried and true method of mobilizing masses, and it generally stems directly from a “leader” trying to build power and accumulate wealth. But it doesn’t stand a strong chance of leading people in a positive and constructive direction. What we really need is leaders who will help to encourage dialog and mutual understanding so that we may find ways to meet in the middle and form practical and effective solutions.

  12. So true! This explains clearly what the enemy plans. We as believers must take a stand.

  13. My only regret in my response to “Israel built on land”, is my omission of God, and all the great works and miracles He preformed as He protected Israel against unbelievable odds. Like five thousand Egyptian tanks surrendering to a few hundred of Israel’s soldiers. There were Jordanian soldiers who tell of great noise, and then seeing father Abraham. They speak of him telling them to turn around and put down their weapons. Then there were mine fields that were cleared of sand by great gust of wind, as to be made visible to the Israeli soldiers for their safe passing. God will always protect His land! Did you know Israel was again attacked in 1973 on their most holy day known as Yom Kippur. Here is an acount of some of the protections God has afforded Israel.
    “Shalu Shlom Yerushalayim

    One of our members forwarded an email along that they received from Israel, with a very interesting twist to it.

    In the early 1990’s I was blessed to make the acquaintance of Gershon Saloman, the head of Israel’s Temple Mount Faithful while I was working with the This Week in Bible Prophecy television program.

    When we met for the first time, it was for an interview for the program. We soon became fast friends. Gershon stayed at our home when he was in Canada, and when I was in Jerusalem, he returned the favor.

    I was invited to celebrate Shabbot (the Sabbath) with him and his family in his home. It was one of the most moving experiences of my life. I say all that to preface the fact that the story Gershon told me was friend-to-friend, and not a canned fund-raising speech he was using to raise money for the TMF.

    When I met Gershon, he walked with a cane, and from the way his back was bowed, I assumed he was born with a spinal defect, like spina bifida or something similar.

    At his home in Jerusalem, after our Shabbot dinner, he told me the story of what happened.

    Gershon is a tenth generation ‘sabra’ (native born Jerusalemite) who fought in every one of Israel’s wars including the 1948 War of Independence. His wife stood on the balcony of their home and pointed to a field behind their house.

    During the Six Days’ War, “The Jordanians were right there,” she pointed. “Gershon’s unit was right over there. We could see the fighting from here.”

    In 1958, during a battle in the Golan Heights, Gershon was wounded when an Israeli tank accidentally ran over him. The tank caught the collar of his shirt and FOLDED HIM OVER BACKWARDS, snapping his spine.

    The Syrians overran his position and began shooting the wounded Israeli soldiers. As they were about to shoot him, Gershon told me, they suddenly dropped their weapons and ran away.

    Later, he said, these Syrians soldiers reported to UN officers that they had seen ‘thousands of angels’ around the crippled IDF officer and had, therefore, fled. He showed me documentary evidence from the UN to prove it.

    As another interesting side note, despite his injuries, Gershon fought in both the Six Days’ War and the 1973 Yom Kippur War. He was among the Israeli paratroopers who captured the Temple Mount from Jordan in 1967.

    Gershon swelled with pride when he recounted being among the first Jews to set foot on Temple Mount in nearly two thousand years.

    Now we return to the story at hand — angels on the Israeli battlefield. Gershon’s story of angelic warriors is not the first I’d heard — it was merely the first time I’d heard the story first-hand from an eyewitness.

    Soldiers in all of Israel’s wars have reported seeing angels on the battlefield. During the Yom Kippur War, a lone Israeli soldier in the Sinai led a captured Egyptian column back to Israeli lines.

    When the Egyptian officer was asked why he surrendered an entire tank column to a single Israeli soldier, the Egyptian officer replied, “One soldier? There were thousands of them.”

    “The chariots of God are twenty thousand, even thousands of angels: the Lord is among them, as in Sinai, in the holy place.” (Psalms 68:7)

    The officer said the rest of the ‘soldiers’ had melted away as they approached the Israeli lines. The Israeli soldier reported that he was alone when the Egyptian commander surrendered to him. He didn’t see the army of angelic warriors. The Egyptians did.

    I read this account some years ago in a secular book about Israel’s wars written by an Israeli military historian.

    The Bible identifies the archangel Michael as Israel’s guardian angel. (Daniel 10:13, 31) The prophet Zechariah predicted that in the last days, God would send His angels to fight alongside Israel.

    “In that day shall the LORD defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and he that is feeble among them at that day shall be as David; and the house of David shall be as God, as the angel of the LORD before them.” (Zechariah 12:8)

    In its existence, Israel has fought back invaders in five major wars aimed at its annihilation, against impossible odds exceeding 650 to 1 in some cases. Israel’s victory in the War of Independence was nothing short of miraculous, as were her victories in 1967 and 1973 against the combined might of the Soviet-backed Arab Legions.

    Given her precarious geography, with enemies on three sides and her back to the sea, the Arab armies should have cut through her like a hot knife through butter, but amazingly, each victory left Israel in possession of more land than she had when attacked. And in every war, there are reports from BOTH sides of angelic intervention on Israel’s behalf.

    Israel’s warrior angels make appearances during the Exodus, during most of Israel’s early battles, and are promised as Israel’s protectors in the last days.

    There are too many independent accounts to dismiss reports of angelic warriors as battle fatigue, particularly when one considers that they’ve been seen by BOTH sides.

    I don’t want to start an angel-worship cult. Angels are not gods, or deserving of worship. They are created beings who serve as messengers of God. But they are real. They are active in the defense of Israel. And that is why Israel will win.

    And the fact that we are talking about them is more evidence that these are indeed the very last of the last days before the return of Christ.

    It may be today

    Shalu Shlom Yerushalayim!

    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! Until He comes. All praises be to You our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  14. The so called Palestinians you speak of are a group of migrant workers, from three different countries, who were warned by the Islamic armies to leave the territories for safety, as they planed to destroy Israel. After being defeated these same Countries refused to repatriate them. Everyone in that region of the middle east, including the Jews were called Palestinians. Had these Armies never attacked Israel the borders would be the original ones. Another sad fact is when the Israelis did return lands in search of peace, the Palestinians burned all the thriving co-ops left for them. You might want to ask the Palestinians who live in Israel why they stay there. Could it be freedom?

    How could you call the land stolen when, as stated earlier, Israel gained these lands in a war when they were attacked. Should the United States return Texas to Mexico? Palestine is not even a state; its status in the United Nations is as a “non-state entity,” which entitles it to speak in the UN General Assembly but not to vote.

    In 1946, Transjordan gained independence from the British Mandate for Palestine. A year later, the UN adopted a partition plan for a two-state solution in the remaining territory of the mandate. The plan was accepted by the Jewish leadership, but rejected by the Arab leaders and Britain refused to implement the plan. On the eve of final British withdrawal, the Jewish Agency for Israel declared the establishment of the State of Israel according to the proposed UN plan. The Arab Higher Committee didn’t declare a state of its own and instead, along with Transjordan, Egypt, and the other members of the Arab League of the time, started the 1948 Arab–Israeli War. During the war, Israel gained additional territories that were expected to form part of the Arab state under the UN plan. Egypt gained control over the Gaza Strip and Transjordan gained control over the West Bank. Egypt initially supported the creation of an All-Palestine Government, but disbanded it in 1959. Transjordan never recognized it and instead decided to incorporate the West Bank with its own territory to form Jordan. The annexation was ratified in 1950. The Six-Day War in 1967, when Egypt, Jordan and Syria fought against Israel, ended with significant territorial expansion by Israel, including the whole of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which remain under Israeli occupation.

    In 1964, when the West Bank was controlled by Jordan, the Palestine Liberation Organization was established there with the goal to confront Israel. The Palestinian National Charter of the PLO defines the boundaries of Palestine as the whole remaining territory of the mandate, including Israel. Following the Six-Day War, the PLO moved to Jordan, but later relocated to Lebanon after Black September in 1971. In 1974, the Arab League recognized the PLO as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, and it gained observer status at the UN General Assembly. After the 1982 Lebanon War, the PLO moved to Tunisia.

    In 1979, through the Camp David Accords, Egypt signaled an end to any claim of its own over the Gaza Strip. In July 1988, Jordan ceded its claims to the West Bank — with the exception of guardianship over Haram al-Sharif — to the PLO. In November 1988, the PLO legislature, while in exile, declared the establishment of the “State of Palestine”. In the month following, it was quickly recognized by many states, including Egypt and Jordan. In the Palestinian Declaration of Independence, the State of Palestine is described as being established on the “Palestinian territory”, without specifying further. Because of this, some of the countries that recognized the State of Palestine in their statements of recognition refer to the “1967 borders”, thus recognizing as its territory only the occupied Palestinian territory, and not Israel. During the negotiations of the Oslo Accords, the PLO recognized Israel’s right to exist, and Israel recognized the PLO as representative of the Palestinian people. Between 1993 and 1998, the PLO made commitments to change the provisions of its Palestinian National Charter that are inconsistent with the aim for a two-state solution and peaceful coexistence with Israel.

    After Israel took control of the Palestinian territories from Jordan and Egypt, it began to establish Israeli settlements there. These were organized into Judea and Samaria district (West Bank) and Hof Aza Regional Council (Gaza Strip) in the Southern District. Administration of the Arab population of these territories was performed by the Israeli Civil Administration of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories and by local municipal councils present since before the Israeli takeover. In 1980, Israel decided to freeze elections for these councils and to establish instead Village Leagues, whose officials were under Israeli influence. Later this model became ineffective for both Israel and the Palestinians, and the Village Leagues began to break up, with the last being the Hebron League, dissolved in February 1988. As envisioned in the Oslo Accords, Israel allowed the PLO to establish interim administrative institutions in the Palestinian territories, which came in the form of the PNA. It was given civilian and/or security control in some areas. In 2005, following the implementation of Israel’s unilateral disengagement plan, the PNA gained full control of the Gaza Strip with the exception of its borders, airspace, and territorial waters. Following the inter-Palestinian conflict in 2006, Hamas took over control of the Gaza Strip (it already had majority in the PLC), and Fatah took control of the West Bank and the rest of the PNA institutions. Currently the Gaza Strip is governed by Hamas, and the West Bank by Fatah.

    Would you negotiate with terrorists?

    The term “Palestine” has been associated with the geographical area that currently covers the State of Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, though the British Mandate also covered present day Jordan.

  15. Israel was built on land stolen from the Palestinians. It should be returned. Calling Israel a “democracy” is laughable. The things you people want to do to America are truly disturbing. It’s time you realize that there is no God, and stop trying to make America into a theocracy (though we’re well on our way to becoming one). It’s clear that you’re thoroughly promoting the far right agenda. It’s disgusting.

  16. RE:

    “You caught us! All white conservatives secretly support SLAVERY! Oh no…what will we do now that the secret it out?”

    > I am white and conservative. There is no us and them.
    My point was as Emerson put it, the false religions that we hold as false today, were once fervently held as true once…
    Let’s no be so full of pride to think we have it all figured out.
    Humility first.

    “But if you’re that smart, I’m sure they would love to hire you for a fraction of the current CEO’s salary. Submit your resume!”

    > I think you missed my point entirely. Please read again, without your biases and preconceptions. See it objectively and drop the ‘smarty pants’ comments. You’re an adult I take it.

    “And no, the workplace is not the place for “justice.” That’s the courts. If you don’t like your job, leave. Go get a better one while you still can. Be an entrepreneur, not a victim who always demands petty “rights.””

    > A. The workplace in not a place for justice?
    Wow. That’s novel. So let injustice prevail and the courts to sort it out?
    More jobs for lawyers right? Hmmm, what does actual history teach us?

    Capitalism is just. Corporations and corporate law is still unjust and is certainly not part of the bible. How is the ability to maximize individual profit, without personal responsibility, righteous?

    B. I actually am an entrepreneur. Thanks for jumping to conclusions.
    Standing up for rights is what great leadership is all about. How do you think the American democracy got started? What do you think is at the foundation of Republican ideals? (and I don’t mean just the party – but the idea of a Republic)
    Why didn’t the founding fathers just stop whining about the taxes from the English, their rights for representation – and try just to make the system work somehow? To be entrepreneurial and pay their share to the state?

    “Your point about Israel is just misdirected. The author makes no claims that you assert. Perhaps if you had guns pointed at you from every side and bombs killing people every week, you’d feel a little differently. They are in the hot seat. Of course, they are not perfect, but they are the ONLY democracy in the region.”

    > Really? In the hot seat? The ones with all the guns, special trained ops, the ones doing most of the aggression and the ones that are building on illegal land?
    I actually have Jewish friends and they’re even embarrassed by some of their governmental decisions lately. I’m not sure you’re on top of the news I take it.
    My question was – is universal justice an ideal, or should we support only who favors our interests?

    “Same deal on the natural resources point. Nowhere are your criticisms stated as the point. Abuse is wrong either way. Nobody advocates those things you list.”

    > No one advocates no.
    According to you, we should let the courts decide after people are dead from the pollution, and we’ve turned the earth in one giant mining hole and mountains of trash – as to get rich right?

    My point was, why is anti-environmentalism associated with Christianity these days? We are to be responsible stewards, not greedy short term thinkers that would sell their own mother for a quick profit.
    We should be more environmentally minded, not less…

    The author’s claim that the enemy uses the means of “Fear and panic about using the earth’s resources; poor people trapped in subsistence-level living” is unbalanced.
    The reality is the poor people are often trapped in subsistence-level living because of greed, because of lack of respect for the environment – not because we don’t mine enough or chop down more forests…

    “As for your “golden rule” argument, Christ is much more complex than a simple platitude. If you’re going to pursue Christ, you must pursue every part of Him with every part of you. Otherwise, one is simply using His words for personal gain. Certainly that passage is true, but it’s not the entire Gospel.”

    > Christ’s Golden rule a simple platitude?
    Do you remember when he was asked what is the most important commandment of all, what was his reply? Most important of all, remember that!
    We always must begin there and integrate all other points as secondary to this primary thing. Love is the commandment, the rest are just footnotes to this point…
    For if you miss this primary thing, you miss the whole point of the gospel.

    Why is my talk of justice for all, for my personal gain?
    I have just listed the exact opposite. For us to think of win-win for all.
    For us to make sure that we treat one another as we would want to be treated…
    What exactly were you reading? Or are you just using the same cheap shots you state to others as your defense.

  17. I like the one about democracy. It seems that democracy is in the eye of the beholder. When Obama and the Dems passed the healthcare leg, I thought that was an example of representative govt. But it seems it is not representative government if you do not like the guy. lol. then it is a dictatorship.

  18. Interesting how “God’s (imagined) desired result lines up so neatly with most Republican positions. Then the so-called “enemies” (i.e. “liberal”) positions are so consistently distorted and misrepresented throughout. Liberals do not want the “death of babies,” FYI. No one is trying to increase homosexuality—just to protect the rights of homosexuals who ALREADY EXIST, and those who will naturally be born in future. Item 3 where teaching that homosexuality is “normal” will supposedly lead to gender confusion is ridiculous because gender identity and sexual identity are two entirely different things.

    Item 5 cites a few lines from the Declaration of Independence when it’s really the US Constitution that defines our democracy and enumerates the powers of the branches of government. And what God wants in this item is already happening—judges don’t make laws, they interpret those that already exist and what is laid out in the Constitution.

    Item 7, Defense: where has any politician in power ever “depended only on negotiation” to deal with Islamic terrorism?? Oh, and incidentally, I don’t know any citizens living in constant fear of terrorism…maybe they need to have a little more faith in God?

    Item 10, Patriotism: It would be nice if there were some examples to back up these assertions. Where exactly are the revisionist, anti-American teachings of history?”

    Item 11, Children: God wants parental control of education? Can we get a Bible citation on this? Are all parents educated and qualified to really control education? Scary thought.

    Item 14, Children, contains some especially egregious lies when it asserts that social service agencies remove children from parents if they physically discipline them. On what fantasy world does this happen? There are so many laws and policies protecting parental rights—and so few foster homes for truly abused children to go to—that social service agencies often struggle to remove children who live in squalor, are unfed, and have visible bruises. These agencies don’t have the resources or authority to remove children for “physical discipline,” when they’re not even able to deal with all the true abuse cases. Don’t write about things you clearly know nothing about.

    Number 20 contradicts number 19: If God wants “freedom of religion…in public places,” then “teaching that God created…universe” is contradictory to freedom since not all religions or people believe in the God- (and they mean a Christian God) created universe theory.

    Number 23 is just ridiculous and illogical—if liberals don’t allow public buildings to be used for churches, this is because they don’t want any “new churches planted”? No, new churches can proliferate on private property but as the concept of freedom of religion establishes, allowing a church—Muslim, Christian, Jewish, whatever—to use public property would be unfair to other religions. I would love to see Evangelical Christians’ response if a school or city building was used by a Muslim group for worship. Or how about a Wiccan church? There would be a hideous outcry; but Christians should be given special rights, apparently.

    True Christians need to question all of the lies and deceit fed to them by these sorts of websites and charts.

  19. Thank you James for publishing this. My heart has been heavy for our country more than ever. Especially in the area of changing laws to institutionalize and normalize homosexuality. History shows when morality goes, so does the nation. This list will be added to my prayer journal.

  20. This commentary is right on the money. What it boils down to is God has standards and he has set forth a plan and way for us to live in his word the Holy Bible. We may not like the standards and what God wants us to do but The Lord has called us to obey his word. I think that it is wrong to force the nation to accept same sex marriage and christians to keep silent about what they believe.God loves homosexuals and all sinner its the sin that he does not love. Homosexuality is a choice that is made by individuals. It has nothing to do with God making a person that way. God would be really unfair if he has said something is against what is natural and then create a person to be that very thing. wake up christians the enemy has advanced in so many ways.It is not judging when you stand up for what the Bible has crealy laid out as sin. It is Judging when we asume we know the intent of the heart or the reason behind a action.either we stand and walk in the power and authority that Jesus have given us or the enemy’s plans will continue to advance all over america. With God help we can change the direction of this nation.

  21. the story with those “thousands of angels” (not mention that is related by “the enemy”) is very good for a five years old boys;
    for adults, is comic; not even ridiculous;
    “thousands of angels” who protect an army of people that hate Christ?!!