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For many months, I have known that I must always point to Jesus above all things. I feel called to point Him out in the lives, the witness, the ministry, and the writings of others. I want you to see Him in them (Jesus in others). As you do, I pray that you will become keenly aware of the importance of Jesus being exalted continually through your life and witness.

On Saturday, I will speak at the funeral of one of my dearest friends, Pete Claytor. Pete and his wife Jody are two of the brightest lights Betty and I have ever known. Growing up without a father, I want to share with the world that Pete became both a father and a brother to me. He was 20 years older than I am, and the impact he made on my life and the lives of all who knew him will be felt through all eternity. Please pray for their family.

Please go to The Stream today and read Michael Brown’s commentary concerning the horrific deeds of Planned Parenthood, and Sheila Walsh’s inspirational devotion on the power of forgiveness as it was recently demonstrated in Charleston.


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  1. I can only wonder how much longer the unrighteousness of a nation will be allowed before the full judgement of God himself will fall upon it? Our present so called President seems to be ushering in the spirit of the AntiChrist. Or am I just way out of line?

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