The U.S. will witness the death of freedom if God’s people do not wake up.

USA FREEDOM: Born 1776 – Died 20??

Freedom is an indescribably precious gift. Our Father and Creator understood its value so clearly that He gave us the freedom to reject what He lovingly offers. Foolish actions and the rejection of Godly wisdom will always lead to the loss of freedom and the resulting bondage.

Freedom is so important that Jesus’ first public announcement included His mission to, “set the captives free.” He boldly proclaimed to all humanity, “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.” That statement followed His announcement, “I am the the way, THE TRUTH and the life. No one comes to the Father but by Me.” There is no other way and there never will be. Not Buddha, not Confucius, not Mohammad, not any religious affiliation – Catholic, Protestant, Pentecostal, whatever – there is no other way. Jesus only! He said, “When the Son makes you free, you are free indeed!”

The U.S. and most of the world will witness the death of freedom if God’s people do not wake up and stand up for the truth that sets us free and keeps us free. America’s founders were part of a supernatural miracle. What happened in 1776 must happen again for freedom’s sake. Consider what happened then, and must occur in our day, as the result of a spiritual awakening. A diverse group came together from multiple religious backgrounds. Some were even considered Deists. They prayed together and reasoned together and as iron sharpens iron, they birthed a miracle declaration and constitutional document.

Because I love God, my neighbors here and abroad, and my enemies, I have praying with many concerned Christians and seeking to call diverse groups together in the presence of the Lord. We must learn to reason together. This is what Jesus has challenged and commissioned us to do. We shouldn’t cut people off. We must reach out in love and truth. Believers must inspire national leadership to sit at the table of reason and diligently seek to find meaningful solutions to our ever-increasing serious problems.

I have been joining with strong Christian leaders on our knees before God in a desire for supernatural unity and wisdom that comes from God for the sake of everyone Jesus died to redeem and for freedom’s sake. Great progress is being made as we come together.

I consider Pope Francis’ invitation to evangelicals to meet and pray with him a few days ago a miraculous answer to prayer. I am appalled, even shocked, that a few people have been extremely critical of my visit and a few others have simply questioned why I would meet with Pope Francis. Because he invited us to meet and pray, seeking to know God’s will, to learn together and see Jesus’ prayer in John 17 answered in our day. All of us, including Pope Francis, clearly understood the first part of that prayer is that we know God and become one with the Father as Jesus is. That is redemptionsalvationthe spiritual new birth, not a religious affiliation. It’s not being a Catholic or Protestant or some other named religion under Heaven by which no one can be saved. That’s why Pope Francis gave the first Papal “high five” in history. It was the result of a discussion that we had together concerning salvation and the fact that everyone must be born again and experience a personal relationship with Jesus. We must all heed God’s Word! Pope Francis is challenging all within the Catholic Church to know Christ personally and get in God’s Word for themselves and learn from the Word.

In our gathering, we asked God to show us the supernatural unity that Jesus prayed for so we would become one in the purist sense of the Word. In 1999, Catholics and Lutherans signed a document “The Catholic-Lutheran Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification,” AFFIRMING TOGETHER THAT it is salvation – by grace through faith. It is not works, it is not religion, IT IS A RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST. In my opinion, that is very positive progress. Between 1962 and 1965, the leaders of the Catholic Church met in Council. Of the many instructions to come from that historic meeting was a return to the use of the native language for the Mass or Liturgy. Of course, that means the readings from the Bible and the sermon as well. They wanted the faithful to hear clearly God’s Word. Don’t all of us need to experience positive progress and necessary change? Is Almighty God not able to convict and change all of us and do it “exceedingly abundantly and beyond all that we ever asked or hoped for”? I say: YES, HE CAN! I want Him to accomplish His perfect will, beginning in me.

Please fellow believers – Christ followers – cut me a little slack as I pursue the heart, mind and will of God for His Kingdom purpose. I will never knowingly compromise God’s Word. I just believe there is “nothing impossible with God.” I also firmly believe if we love others, we must seek common ground to address our common concerns. I disagree with Catholics in many ways and I am certainly not converting to Catholicism. No one asked me to!

How do you see Pope Francis? Do you see him as a brother? We are told to “love the brethren.” Do you see him as a neighbor? We are told by the Lord Jesus Himself to love our neighbors. Do you see him as an enemy? Once again, Jesus said, “Love your enemies.” I have obeyed God. I love Pope Francis. I pray for him and prayed with him, and I will continue to love others, even if I disagree, as I certainly do with many of the Catholic beliefs. I am going to reach out because I want everyone to know Jesus personally. And I’m going to love those who criticize me or misunderstand.

Just this week God answered the prayers of many – including Protestants, Catholics, Baptists, Pentecostals and Charismatics – when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties and the families of the owners. It was an answer to prayer on the part of all concerned believers and it is not insignificant that the five votes for the Green and Hahn families came from five devoted Catholics. Where were the evangelical Protestants? There is not even one on the Supreme Court. One must wonder, is it possible that evangelical Protestants spend too much time defending and discussing God’s Word rather than demonstrating its power and the power of love? That is a question worth considering.

Let me close with these words: we will either come together in humility and brokenness before the Lord and commit to live for His kingdom purpose, or we will witness the death of freedom in America as we have known it and it will happen very soon. It will be a horrible, hellish, painful destruction. Some may say we deserve it. Perhaps so, but as surely as Jesus compassionately extended the marvelous invitation to Jerusalem in the face of destruction, He mercifully extends it to us in our day. The invitation to come to the shelter and shadow of the Almighty like chicks to the wings of the hen still stands. I ran there years ago and seek to live there while reaching out to all who have ears to hear and hearts to heed. I will not stop – so help me God. Dear Jesus, please set the captives free. You can rest assured; He is ready, able, and anxious to do so. I pray freedom won’t die on our watch.

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  1. Brother James I just wanted to add that I do believe that when we love JESUS, we truly love our enemy even when they hurt us, our neighbor, and all who GOD created. But loving GOD is above ALL and HIS Gospel more than anything in this life and im not concern about freedom, many times I haven’t had physical freedom but I do in my precious Savior, the Freedom He gives is beyond anything this world can give, I love HIM sooo much, and US is not the only Country where Christians dwell and we are not all into politics although I don’t condemn it. Blessings and grace of JESUS YESHUAH be with you and sister Betty and your love once and ministry.

  2. Thank you Pastor and consider this…
    I am so grateful for men and women of God who are willing to lead the church toward the unity that Jesus prayed for and that we have destroyed. In fact, I am more concerned (as Jesus was) with this unity than with the fear of “losing our freedom.” As excited as I am for your ecumenism, I am equally saddened by the suggestion that American Democratic Capitalism is the same as the Shalom that Jesus proclaimed in Luke 4. It’s not and never was, nor was it ever intended to be. In fact, we will never legislate Shalom, Jesus owns it. You are right that in Christ, we are free indeed. And if we are free indeed, then we cannot lose what God has given to us in Christ. We should be bold in our current political freedom to proclaim the cross as the way to true life and then we should be ready to continue to proclaim that truth even if our political freedoms are lost. It is dangerous when we start using the Gospel to validate our particular form of government and then scare people into trying to protect the wrong thing. I am grateful to be living in a democratic republic but that is not where my freedom comes from. Jesus Christ and him crucified! I will defend that until the end.

    Jeff Krajewski

  3. Dear James,

    I appreciated your “55 Year Journey Following Jesus”. I already knew most of it. I remember how you used to sit down beside my office desk and go through the Bible Memory Verses. I was amazed at a teenager being so excited with each verse. I was your chiropractor and treated you, Betty and her parents and Mrs. Hale and your daughter. I think you moved away before your son was born, so I never met him. I will continue to pray for you and your ministry and that you will always remember not to preach to please your audience or yourself; but seek only to please God. At age 90, I always remind myself each time I get up to teach a Bible Class, that pleasing God is the only thing that matters. There is no retirement age for the Christian. As long as I am breathing, God has something for me to do.

    Love in Christ

    Dr. Lois Baldwin Southern

  4. I want to folllow God ‘ im with you br James .

  5. Praise The Lord for your commentary!! I grew up in a family with a Baptist mother and Catholic father. I worshipped in both churches regularly until the age of 25 when I began my own family and knew it would be difficult for my children to do what I had done. One thing I can say is that I feel extremely blessed to be a Christian, regardless of which faith I practiced in the past or do now. Jesus loved everyone and told his disciples to spread the word to all, not just a chosen population or faith. I walked in Christian love and faith in both churches and I truly believe that you are right, Brother James, that we will never be where we need to be as a free country unless we come together in faith. The Christian faith Jesus wanted for all of his children. Thanks for what you do and may God bless you!

  6. Fight the good Fight….put on the whole armor of God………found in Ephesians Chapter 6:10-20

  7. I have loved watching your show through the years and love your wife. I have studied the Jesuits and have watched and listened to pope Francis and Tony palmer. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing.and are as evil as evil can be. I hope and pray for you james that you will not be deceived. I was so broken to hear your ministry has joined with them. God bless you !!!

  8. I love you James Robison! God bless you a hundredfold.

  9. Virginia Routzon

    Praying for you, James, that God will bless you with strength, wisdom and discernment, that you may continue to teach us what He wants us to know. Do Not Get Discouraged! Other people’s opinions are just that: their opinions. Praying you stay close to Jesus!

  10. Your meeting with Pope Francis is indeed a milestone and I hope a foundation for further unity among true Christians. As a devoted Catholic I cried with joy on the night of the election of Pope Francis, sensing that the Holy Spirit had promoted this humble and simple man to achieve great things for a church in need, among which the unity of believers the world over.

    No doubt, there are also many Catholics who will not look favorably on your meeting with the Pope. Inevitably such steps will be criticized as people prefer to stay within the safety of their own religious boundaries. Courage and perseverance will be needed in abundant supply. The prize is the end of our “cold war” and the fall of our “Berlin wall” that will release the power of our unity to further the Kingdom of God.

    I pray for your ministry and many like you who get to the heart of Christ’s message even when it’s uncomfortable.
    God bless you.

  11. I agree with Laura Ingraham, a Catholic Christian, in that we need to secure the Border the law says we should do, and start deporting this illegal immigrants by the thousands, not the hundreds, be sure to deport families so they’ll be together, and stop giving funds to those countries who refuse to repatriate their citizens. American taxpayers are sinking under nearly 18 TRILLLION in debt already. Not fair to our children and grandchildren.

  12. Dear Citizens in Christ:
    It needed to said and Brother Robison stated it most clearly and profoundly. I pray that our elected leaders at every governmental level will heed the message of Our Lord Jesus, and waken to the disastrous direction they are leading out Nation and peoples. It is not complex or difficult to open ones heart and mind to the wisdom of the scriptures and pray for a new revelation in our lives..

  13. Thank you for the beautiful letter, reminding us of the love and humility of the One who died for us, that we might live. The groom will come for His bride, I believe, when the bride is ready; unified and beautiful in His sight. Time is precious. Bind us together, Lord, with chords of love. Amen.

  14. Not criticizing, commenting..after I read the Jesuits oath (pope is one) I question his motives & his words, as we all should do. Words can be very deceiving, especially if we WANT to believe them. Love you and your ministry..

  15. Thank you for your stand, James. Keep preaching Truth to all who will hear. I came to the Freedom of Jesus Christ 34 years ago through hearing a message you preached. We need your voice to be heard in America.

    Romans 8:2
    “because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of Life set me FREE from the law of the spirit of sin and death.”

  16. James again may God continue to use you and Betty. Your love and obedience to God shines bright. Thank you for just being plain honest and saying it like it is. May God pour blessings upon you both.

  17. Thank you so much sir for your wisdom and call to righteousness and repentance! Two questions: How much of what is separating and causing division right now among Christians can be attributed to Satan’s cunning to take hot-button issues and use them as a wedge among believers in the Church? Also, do you feel that too many believers have become soft and are prone more to being accepted and liked by the culture and non-believers, even though Jesus clearly said many will hate you because of me (I’m paraphrasing here)?

    I’m 37, I’ve been married for 3 months now and I’m grateful to have godly patriarchs like you and Pastor Jack still teaching and declaring truth and imparting wisdom to the body. Bless you!

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