We Need Christmas More Than Ever

As we enter into the Christmas season, we face a world of uncertainty, turbulence, and conflict. Economies rise and fall, racial strife simmers in the streets and on college campuses, and refugees flee murderous Islamists in the Middle East and Africa. Darkness seems to be closing in, but we are reminded that Jesus Christ came as the light unto the world.

Satan is the author and instigator of all evil. He is the very personification of it. Even those who doubt or deny God cannot deny there is an obvious force of evil present in our world. Jesus said Satan is the father of all lies and, above all, a thief and murderer. He seeks to destroy life—every precious aspect of it. When he is in control, he continually manifests despicable, unimaginable acts defying all logic. We are right to be abhorred by unspeakable brutality and murder of the innocent and the helpless, whether in the womb of an expectant mother, a concert hall in Paris, or the dusty streets of Aleppo.

Such is the case when the resistance and clear-mindedness on anyone’s part has been compromised and diminished. Many things can negatively impact our spiritual and mental condition to some degree: addiction to alcohol or drugs, damaging emotions such as bitterness or envy, emotional or physical exhaustion. It can even be the result of self-intoxication, as with Herod at the time of Christ’s birth. He ordered the murder of all little boys under two years old in Bethlehem (Matt. 2:16). Satanic? Yes. Demonic? Yes. Even so, it was Herod’s choice to act on his evil schemes. Satan so detests freedom and godliness that he seeks to destroy any deliverer or possibility of deliverance.

In the fatherless home and the dysfunctional community I grew up in, you cannot imagine the suggestions other kids made to me, along with the fiery darts (horrific suggestions) Satan fired my way. I was vulnerable; but thanks be to God, praying Christians, a pastor and his wife who never forgot the boy they cared for the first few years of my life, and then the witness of committed Christian teenagers led me to the Christ whose birth we’re about to celebrate. I am convinced that the prayers of others (even before my conversion to Christ) helped prevent me from giving into violent impulses, especially when my alcoholic father threatened to take my life. Sadly, some choose to give in to their anger and act out in unimaginable ways.

Jesus is the answer. He was my answer and He is the sole answer for those who have been devastated by recent events. Only a great God and a loving heavenly Father can give us the ultimate comfort. We rightly celebrate the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, because He is the only way to overcome evil and the evil one. Find janitorial service berkeley. He alone can direct our steps and help us build wise, secure walls of protection.

God’s Word should be our hedge of security. He wants His Word to be written in our hearts, not just carried in our hands. He wants His Word to carry and lead us and, as Paul said, write “letters in the hearts of other men’s lives” as a result of our consistent Christian testimony.

In addition to celebrating His birth, we need to praise God for the resurrection life He offers each day! Jesus came to overcome the evil one and to give us the ability to be delivered from that despicable, damaging influence. Because Christ was born and now lives, we live. May others see Jesus living in us.

Jesus is God’s answer to man’s weakness and evil’s intention. Christmas and the rest of His story can become our story. Jesus took this broken, fatherless, and impoverished boy writing this commentary and delivered me from destruction and the intentions of the evil one. He will do the same for all who receive Him and follow Him with their whole heart. Jesus is the light that pierces the darkness. He offers strength beyond ourselves and grants us the grace and ability to share the hope, joy, and peace that only He can give in the face of the most challenging possible circumstances. Just as the shepherds and wise men followed the light of the Star of Bethlehem, we must follow the light of the forever bright and Morning Star – Jesus!

May Christ shine His light in your heart and home.


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  1. James, your words are greatly needed in this time of evil/ uncertainty that Satan has thrust upon this world. I am so thankful for Jesus and His gift of salavation. I am also thankful for you and Betty. I am in that time of life where I no longer have an earthly father or mother present in my life. I so miss their wisdom and encouragement. I realize that I am just a viewer of life today but through your lives I am encouraged and blessed by you both. Thank you for being spiritual encourager of myself and countless others and reminding us to keep our eyes focused on Jesus!! Blessings to you and yours. Karen

  2. Thanks James for your powerful message on Jesus as the answer to the evil of this world. As we celebrate Christ’s birth this month, I pray that all believers who proclaim Jesus as Lord of their lives will focus on Him. His birth is why we celebrate Christmas.

  3. My life like all of us is a testimony. We all have an old testament and a new testament. The old which is our past. Then we have the new. Which is our beginning or birth. Being reborn has set a path for a new beginning that only God can create. My past of drugs, alcohol, and suicide attempts used to define who I was. I was hospitalized a number of times for a sickness that now I know and believe was a demonic induced sickness. God loves us so much that he chases after us. I was a sheep that was walking toward a cliff. As satan laughed calling me his goat. My Lord pulled me back just in time for a new season and i’m a living testimony of God’s everlasting love. 🙂 If you are in a hard time? Just know it’s only for a season and God always brings a harvest out of a season. Amen. 🙂

  4. Jesus is the way, the truth and the light. If His people who are called by His Name will humble their self and turn from their wicked ways ,and seek Him then He will heal the land . Amen.

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